Old Bisbee Tour

The First Smelter.PNG
  • Offered Daily

    1 hr 30 min

    50 US dollars



Street travel with elevation changes along with mild bumpiness on a primitive dirt road.

  • See the locations and buildings of Bisbee’s beginning

  • Find out about the history of the open mining pits

  • Learn about surrounding city fates

  • Enjoy the stories that accompany numerous historic locations

  • Take in extraordinary views of southeastern Arizona from a high elevation

  • Learn about the geology, Mule Mountain landscape, and local wildlife that includes a surprising and dangerous inhabitant




Step into the Big Jeep (step stool provided) which is enclosed, climate-controlled, and sheltered from unpleasant weather and wind. From your chosen pickup location, the tour takes you past former neighborhoods to the old dynamite explosion observation lot. You may even see former actor Earl Hindman’s old home foundation where he grew up along the way.


After learning about mining operations and Bisbee Blue Turquoise, Lowell is the next stop with its famous and well-preserved historic main street and antique vehicles. On the way to see Lowell School’s solid copper entrance doors, you’ll gawk at The Shady Dell Hotel and its vintage airbus rooms and the giant headstone to George Warren's grave which sits in the Evergreen Cemetery, next to the Hotel.  


Back to Old Bisbee and its small winding roads, you’ll learn about the first and second smelter locations sitting across from Brewery Gulch. You’ll head “into” the Gulch and learn about mining boarding rooms, opium dens, the red-light district, the Bisbee Riot, monsoon flooding, and the Black Bear that entertained Miners in Joseph Muhiem’s Stock Exchange Brewery and Bar. Traveling past E.A. Tovrea and Co. Butcher’s location (he built the Tovrea Castle in Phoenix you know?), you’ll see where John Wayne slept when he didn’t want to be bothered and peek at the theater once managed by famous artist Ted DeGrazia. Up on High Road, Bisbee’s first prominent mine entrance can be seen along with picturesque views of the top of Old Bisbee and the valley heading towards Warren, AZ., and Mexico.


Juniper Flats Road carefully skirts switchbacks and Mountainside paths along the top of the Mule Mountains. Along the way, you’ll learn about local wildlife and fauna. You may even see a rattlesnake (it’s happened on tour), deer, or Coati Mundis along the way. Extraordinary views of the Sulphur Springs Valley and Chiricahua Mountains can be seen as you ascend to 7100 feet elevation. Once at the top, you’ll exit the jeep for breathtaking, scenic views of Southeastern Arizona and Mexico. Vast mountain ranges hundreds of miles away are visible along with the border wall and the Whitewater Draw where the giant Sandhill Crane migration occurs annually.


The Old Bisbee Tour will leave you with lasting knowledge and memories to Bisbee’s birth and its formidable place in American history!