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The Architectural Marvel that is the Cochise County Courthouse

As you embark on your Big Jeep Tour in Bisbee, Arizona, your first stop is the awe-inspiring Cochise County Courthouse. This iconic structure offers an intimate glance into the city's cultural, historical, and architectural treasures. The courthouse stands as a resplendent testament to the region's rich Hispanic heritage, symbolizing Bisbee's triumphant ascension over Tombstone as the seat of Cochise County's government.

The Historical Roots: From Tombstone to Bisbee

The seat of Cochise County’s government was originally located in nearby Tombstone, a mining encampment chosen when the county was formed in 1881. However, in 1929, the county seat was relocated to Bisbee, signifying the supersession of Tombstone by this vibrant city. The Phelps Dodge Corporation, which owned the majority of property in Bisbee and operated the lucrative Copper Queen Mine, donated land on Quality Hill for the construction of this new courthouse.

The Art Deco Influence: A Fusion of Styles

Designed by Roy Place in 1931, the courthouse is a prime example of the Southwest regional variation of the Art Deco style. The decorative motifs found across the elevations are stylizations of native desert flora, signifying the geophysical context of the locale. The jagged roofline is vaguely reminiscent of a Plateresque cathedral, alluding to the region’s Hispanic heritage. The massive whitewashed walls with small apertures refer to the region’s vernacular adobe building traditions.

The Iron Man: A Tribute to Miners

Perched on an artificial plateau, this powerful expression of governmental authority looms over the commercial core to the east. The Iron Man, a statue by Scottsdale sculptor R. Phillips Sanderson, graces the intersection in front of the building. This tribute to the town’s miners was dedicated in 1935, in a ceremony presided over by Arizona Congresswoman Isabella Greenway.

The Courthouse Today: More Than Just a Building

The courthouse is not just a quick stop on your itinerary. It serves as a key highlight of your Bisbee sightseeing tour. Each November, the area in front of the courthouse transforms into the starting point for the Bisbee 1000, The Great Stair Climb. This event adds an extra splash of excitement to your visit, serving as another unique facet of the dynamic local culture.


  • How do I find my court date in Arizona? Court dates can be found through the Arizona Courts Online Payment system.

  • How do I request court records in Arizona? Records can be requested online through the eAccess portal or in-person at the courthouse.

  • What is the highest court in Arizona? The highest court in Arizona is the Arizona Supreme Court.

  • What is the county seat of Cochise County Arizona? The county seat of Cochise County is Bisbee.



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