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Phelps Dodge

Exploring the Rich Legacy: Delving into Phelps Dodge Corporation's Mining History

Phelps Dodge

🏭🔌 Phelps Dodge Corporation, a renowned copper miner, played a pivotal role, accounting for 30% of copper production in the US during the age of electricity. #PhelpsDodge #CopperProduction

🚀 To mitigate the impact of cyclical copper prices, Phelps Dodge Industries was established, expanding their business into various manufacturing sectors. They ventured into companies like Accuride Corporation, Columbian Chemicals Company, Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire Co., and Phelps Dodge High-Performance Conductors. 🏭🔩 #Diversification

🚚 Accuride Corporation produces a range of products, including truck wheels and rims. Columbian Chemicals Company specializes in carbon black, while Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire Co. focuses on magnet wire. Phelps Dodge High-Performance Conductors cater to various industries such as automotive, computer, and aerospace with their specialty conductors. 🛠️🌍 #ManufacturingExcellence

📜 The journey of Phelps Dodge began in 1834 when Anson Phelps founded Phelps Dodge & Co. as a trading business dealing in copper, tin, tin plate, iron, and other metals in the US market. The company expanded into manufacturing, establishing Ansonia Brass and Battery Company and Ansonia Manufacturing Company. 🏭⚙️ #HistoricLegacy

🌄 Phelps Dodge delved into mining, becoming a leading producer of copper, molybdenum, and other minerals. They acquired significant copper mines, including the renowned Morenci Copper mine in the Arizona Territory. 🌵⛏️ #MiningIndustry

🚂 Phelps Dodge's history intertwined with the Bisbee district, where they acquired the Copper Queen Mine and merged with the Atlanta claim, forming the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company. Visitors on our Bisbee Tours can explore this district rich in mining history. #BisbeeMining #CopperQueenMine

⚒️ During World War I, Phelps Dodge was involved in a miners' strike in Bisbee, resulting in the deportation of workers to Mexico. Today, tourists can visit the Bisbee Deportation site and delve into this significant event. 📜🗺️ #HistoricalSite

💡 Faced with challenges after World War I, including low demand and surplus copper, Phelps Dodge founded the Copper and Brass Research Association and the Copper Export Association. Their aim was to find new uses for copper and sell excess copper in foreign markets, respectively. They also acquired the Arizona Copper Company. #Innovation #MarketExpansion

💥 The stock market crash in 1929 affected Phelps Dodge's earnings, leading to reorganization under Louis S. Cates. Cates acquired National Electric Products Corporation, Nichols Copper Company, and the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company. He also consolidated the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company with Copper Queen, capitalizing on economies of scale. 💪📉 #Resilience

💰 Despite the challenges posed by the Great Depression, Phelps Dodge persevered and continued to thrive. In 2007, the company was acquired by Freeport-McMoRan, marking a new chapter in its storied history. 📈💼 #CorporateEvolution

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