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10 Copper Queen Plaza 

Bisbee, AZ     85603

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Consult Our Specialized Experts for a Tailored Journey

Should you have inquiries regarding the specifications of your forthcoming venture or seek to personalize your experience, our adept professionals at Big Jeep Tours are at your disposal. From maneuvering through the multifaceted terrains of Arizona to beholding the sublime topographies of canyons, we curate bespoke escapades that resonate with individual preferences.

Simplify the Process of Booking Your Next High-Caliber Adventure

Initiating the reservation process for your impending high-octane exploration with Big Jeep Tours is streamlined and unambiguous. Our specialized Booking Page elucidates the intricacies of our various tour packages, pricing tiers, and the protocols for securing your participation. Delay no further—secure your position today and indulge in anticipatory elation for the awe-inducing experiences that await you.

Operational Hours: We are Accessible for Consultation During Specified Timeframes

Our lines of communication are open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Sunday. Utilize this window to engage with us in planning discussions that will render your adventure seamless and devoid of logistical complications.

Peruse Our Scenic Touristic Offerings

Captivated by the prospect of the destinations incorporated within our excursions? Big Jeep Tours proffers an eclectic amalgamation of exhilarating outdoor endeavors and Arizona's cultural richness. From obscured historical narrative niches to emblematic natural spectacles, our offerings are a confluence of sensorial and intellectual stimuli. Our dedicated Tour Attractions Page provides a comprehensive overview, designed to satiate your curiosity.

The Big Jeep Tours Advantage

Embark on a journey that transcends conventional touristic endeavors. Conceive memories steeped in uniqueness and extraordinary dimensions. Your adventure, laced with Arizona’s ineffable majesty, is but a click away.

Opt to book with unerring confidence and a touch of vanity. At Big Jeep Tours, you transition from a mere tourist to an esteemed adventurer—an explorer whose story merits retelling.

Seize this opportunity and catalyze the transformation of your next sojourn into an awe-inducing narrative of epic proportions.


    Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona, offers guided jeep excursions through historical and scenic areas, led by a knowledgeable local guide who shares childhood stories about Bisbee. Participants enjoy comfortable rides in a 4-door Big Jeep Wrangler, exploring Bisbee's mining history and enjoying panoramic views.
    Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona, operates Friday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, offering flexible early morning and late evening tours upon request. Our online booking is available 24/7, including most holidays during the same hours, for convenient scheduling of your adventure.
    Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona, offers a blend of historical, scenic, adventurous, and cultural experiences. Explore Bisbee's mining history, desert landscapes, and off-road trails, and enjoy local ghost stories. Our tours span various themes including mining, events, bugs, and architecture, ensuring a comprehensive and memorable journey through Bisbee's rich heritage and natural beauty.
    Big Jeep Tours emphasizes accessibility with its specially equipped Big Jeep, offering comfortable tours for all guests. The Jeep accommodates four passengers for a personalized experience and features paracord straps and steel grab bars for easy entry and exit. Its unique Amp Research Powersteps automatically extend for convenient access, demonstrating our dedication to ensuring a memorable and accessible adventure for everyone.
    Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee offers diverse tours, each highlighting unique aspects of the area: Old Bisbee Tour: 2 hours of exploring Bisbee's history and culture. Miners Peak Tour: 3 hours focusing on mining heritage and views from Juniper Flats. 12 City Tour: 4 hours covering 12 areas, emphasizing cultural and historical landmarks. Copper Territory Tour: 5-hour journey through 40+ miles, showcasing mining history and architectural wonders. Juniper Flats Tour: A 1-hour off-road trip to mountaintop vistas. Cochise County Ghost Town Tour: 6 hours exploring ghost towns and historic ruins. Each tour is tailored for different durations and interests, from brief excursions to extensive explorations.
    Big Jeep Tours offers intimate, personalized experiences with tours in a four-passenger Sport Utility Vehicle. This approach ensures comfort and a deeper connection with Bisbee's landscapes, focusing on providing unforgettable journeys in an exclusive setting.
    At Big Jeep Tours, every moment is a great time for an adventure! Our tours are designed to offer a fantastic experience throughout the day. If you're keen on wildlife viewing, the early morning and late evening are your best bets, as these times are when the local fauna is most active and visible. For photography enthusiasts, rest assured that great photo opportunities present themselves all day long, with the changing light offering unique and stunning perspectives of Bisbee's landscapes and historical sites. Whether you're an early bird or a sunset admirer, we've got you covered for an unforgettable journey!
    For your convenience, there is no official check-in process. Instead, the Big Jeep will arrive at your chosen pickup location a few minutes before the tour's scheduled start time. This personalized approach ensures a smooth and stress-free beginning to your adventure. Just be ready at your selected location, and we'll take care of the rest!
    It's best to make reservations in advance if possible. We offer multiple tour start times and can change times as long as the Big Jeep isn't already reserved for a tour.
    You may cancel a reservation at anytime. If you submitted a payment online and can't make the tour, I will happily refund your full amount. I will start processing refunds within 12 hours of a request.
    There is a lot of flexibility when paying for a tour. You may pay when: You reserve a tour at our website: (you can also reserve tours at our website without paying) In person and before your tour In person and after your tour After your tour through an emailed invoice
    No tour minimums with Big Jeep Tours. One guest or four guests are always welcome!
    Please bring any refreshments you'll need. Food and drinks are always allowed as well as ice chests.
    For the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, we strictly prohibit certain items on our tours. Illegal drugs of any kind are not allowed. Additionally, for health and safety reasons, smoking is not permitted in the jeep at any time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in keeping our tours safe and enjoyable for everyone.
    Our tours are designed with your comfort and safety in mind, especially when it comes to sun exposure. The Big Jeep Wrangler used for our tours offers a climate-controlled environment, ensuring a comfortable experience regardless of the outdoor conditions. During sunny days, you can enjoy the warmth and view under the sun with our Wrangler's removable roof panels. This feature allows you to feel the sun and connect with the outdoors while still having the option to seek shade inside the vehicle. In addition, the Wrangler is equipped with highly efficient air conditioning systems to keep the interior cool and pleasant during hotter periods of the day. We recommend bringing sunscreen and wearing protective clothing if you choose to experience the tour with the roof panels off. Our goal is to provide a memorable and comfortable tour experience, allowing you to enjoy Bisbee's beautiful terrains while staying protected from extreme weather conditions.
    Please bring comfortable clothing to match the weather outside. While the Big Jeep is covered and climate controlled, we want our guests comfortable outside during the many photo opportunities.
    No worries. Since its an enclosed environment, bad weather doesn't affect us during the tour. We will, however, skip the Juniper Flats mountaintop view in case of ice, floods, or frozen rocks.
    Sometimes in great weather or for a guest request, I will remove the Big Jeep top and the tours will become open-air tours. Most of the time, even during the summer, the Big Jeep is enclosed and climate controlled. Guests are in-charge of climate control and window operations.
    Absolutely! Big Jeep Tours welcomes families and offers a special treat for our youngest adventurers. Children aged 12 and under can join the tours for free, ensuring a budget-friendly experience for families. Our tours are designed to be both educational and entertaining, making them perfect for all ages. While the historical aspects of Bisbee are fascinating, we ensure that our tours are lively and engaging, capturing the interest of children as well. Expect to explore the natural beauty of Bisbee, encounter wildlife, and enjoy exciting off-road jeep rides that are sure to be memorable for the entire family. So, pack a picnic, buckle up, and get ready for an unforgettable family adventure where both the journey and destination are filled with fun and discovery!
    Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children must be at least 3 years of age AND must weigh at least 40 pounds or be taller tahn 40" to ride in our Jeeps. Children under 8 and less than 4’9″ tall must be secured in a child booster seat (provided by the parents). Our Big Jeep can secure booster seats using one standard 2-point seat belt, or two standard 3-point seat belts. Children 12 & under tour for free!
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