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Rugged Vehicle Meets All-Weather Comfort

Big Jeep Wrangler-Mule Mountains_edited_edited.jpg

Snuggled in the scenic town of Bisbee, Arizona, a jewel awaits adventure seekers— Big Jeep. This four-door Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited is the tour vehicle of Big Jeep Tours, offering tourists an adrenaline-pumping experience that is as massive as its 37-inch tires. With a 4-inch lift and a high-lift jack proudly mounted on its hood, the Big Jeep is not just a vehicle; it's an entrance to a world of unlimited thrills and excitement.


Behold the legendary Big Jeep 4X4, not just a vehicle but a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) made through modern engineering. Each aspect of this extraordinary four-wheel drive machine has been meticulously customized to conquer the most demanding landscapes. Its formidable appearance speaks volumes, but it’s the complex details that raise it to legendary status.

When you lay eyes on those giant tires, you don't just see rubber; you see high ground clearance, and freedom rings designed to stomp over rocks and rugged terrain. Paired with an extensive lift that defies gravity, this Jeep boasts a ground clearance that can easily navigate the giant boulders and dangerous terrains of Juniper Flats, a sanctuary for off-road enthusiasts with extraordinary awe-inspiring views. 

Sitting proudly on the hood, the high-lift jack isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a bold statement of readiness, an emblem of resilience. This isn't merely aesthetic embellishment—it’s a lifesaving gadget, demonstrating that form and function can indeed be companions.

And then there's the heart of the beast. To sustain its energy and longevity, Big Jeep undergoes regular maintenance, and not with just any parts. We only use NAPA and Mopar components which are considered worthy to be integrated into this machine. Each bolt, each valve, and each gear is a testament to a determined commitment to quality and performance. The careful attention to detail turns Big Jeep into a well-oiled symphony of moving parts, each working in perfect harmony to offer not just automotive safety features, but a riveting experience that leaves your heart pounding long after the journey is over.

So when you ride in the Big Jeep; you're commanding a masterpiece, a spectacular blend of art and engineering. It doesn't just take you on the trails; it elevates the very act of travel into a thrilling adventure, where you can explore, and where the road less taken always holds the promise of glory, beauty, and freedom that can only be grasped when man and machine become one.

silver jeep with open doors and black interior


There's something truly magical about the adaptability and resilience of Big Jeep, a vehicle designed not just to transport you from point A to point B, but to make every journey an unforgettable adventure. Picture this: you're driving through the picturesque landscapes of Arizona, where the sky stretches infinitely above and the rugged beauty of the land unfolds in every direction. It's a sunny day, the kind that calls for wide-brimmed hats and the smell of sunscreen. With Big Jeep, you can do more than just admire the view—you can become a part of it. A few simple motions and the removable roof panels are off, allowing you the unmatched joy of an open-air experience. Feel the sun kiss your skin, hear the chirping, and embrace the sensation of wind in your hair. You're not just passing through the scenery; you're lost in it, a poetic union of machine and nature.

But the world isn't always sunshine and clear skies. There are times when Mother Nature chooses to remind us of her might, throwing in torrential downpours or icy winds as if challenging our spirit of adventure. When these moments arise, Big Jeep undergoes a remarkable transformation. No longer an open-air cruiser, it becomes your climate-controlled sanctuary on wheels and a cozy cabin, one of its many features. The climate control system kicks in, a marvel of modern engineering that reads the world outside and adjusts the inside to perfection for a tranquil voyage. Whether it's a chilly winter morning that bites at your nose or a hot summer afternoon that saps your energy, Big Jeep wraps you in comfort for a relaxing journey. Your journey remains not just bearable but happily enjoyable, a testament to human ingenuity overcoming the unpredictability of the elements.

Big Jeep doesn't just adapt to the weather conditions; it adapts to your life, your dreams, and your desire for freedom. It understands that adventure is a state of being, not just a destination. Whether you're reveling in the splendors of a sun-soaked landscape or finding tranquility amidst the chaos of a storm, Big Jeep stands by you. With its unmatched versatility, it not only tackles a wide range of external conditions but also serves the emotional landscape within you. It is more than a vehicle; it's a companion in your lifelong journey to explore, experience, and excel.


  • Capacity: At the heart of our service, you'll find Big Jeep—a ​Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that is more than just a machine; it's a route for unforgettable memories, adventures, and the joy of discovery. It’s your ticket to a world seen through a different lens, one of grand landscapes and intimate moments. While most tour vehicles cram in as many passengers as possible, we take a different approach. Big Jeep is purposefully designed to hold a maximum of just a four-passenger capacity. This allows us to create an atmosphere that is both intimate and personalized, forging a deeper connection between you, your companions, and the awe-inspiring surroundings.

  • ​Features Above the Doors: Our attention to detail extends even to the finer aspects that often go unnoticed, yet contribute to an all-encompassing, effortless experience. For example, paracord straps are thoughtfully installed above all four doors. These aren't just pieces of equipment; they're an invitation, encouraging you to step inside, to embark on an adventure that’s tailor-made just for you. Meanwhile, steel grab bars are strategically mounted near the front windshield, providing an additional layer of support. They stand as loyal guardians, offering a helping hand whenever you need it.

  • Features Below the Doors: However, the real marvel of accessibility in Big Jeep comes in the form of Amp Research Powersteps. This isn't just a step; it's a welcome mat that unfolds in an instant. The moment you open the door, these Powersteps automatically drop down, bridging the gap between the ground and the interior of the Jeep. They level the playing field, making it incredibly easy for everyone—be it a young child full of exploration enthusiasm or a senior citizen with a heart full of adventure—to enter and exit the vehicle. Age or physical ability doesn't limit the spirit of effortless exploration, and it shouldn't limit your means of exploring either.

So, when you choose Big Jeep, you're not just selecting an incredible offer; you're opting for an experience that has been intricately crafted, keeping in mind both the thrill of discovery and the comfort of accessibility. Come, be a part of this exclusive, emotional journey, where every design choice we've made is aimed at making your tour not just another trip, but a cherished memory. Book Today!


What is it called the Big Jeep?

Because of its massive 37" tires that are also 13.5" wide and can handle most offroad trail adventures. Also because of its 4" lift used to clear large boulders during its trail exploration. Its body armor also makes it big and heavy and a true All-Terrain vehicle.

What color is the Big Jeep?

The Big Jeep has a silver body with red, black, and gray accents. Jeep decals are black and red throughout its body. The high-lift jack is red. The body armor is black and its interior is black with red highlights.

How often do you remove the roof panels?

Fairly often because the weather in Bisbee, Arizona is mostly great! Roof panels will always only be removed with guest permission. The best seasons for removing the panels are late spring and fall.

Is it hard to step into the Big Jeep?

Not at all. The Amp Research Powesteps drop down from the doors when opened and serve as a step into the jeep. The paracord handles and steel grab bars also provide leverage points to access the jeep.

What is the Largest Jeep Available?

The Big Jeep is the largest Jeep available for our tours. Its massive tires and massive wheelbase along with heavy rock armor make it our largest tour vehicle.

Does the Big Jeep have a problem navigating the narrow streets of Bisbee?

No. Most streets are easily accessible and two-way traffic poses no space issues. There are two narrow, one-lane, two-way streets where only one vehicle can occupy a space at the same time. ALL vehicles will have to find a pullout area so passing is permitted. There are many pullout areas on every narrow street. The heavy-duty nature of the 4X4 Big Jeep is just as mobile on the streets as any other vehicle.

Can we bring refreshments during tours?

YES! We want all of our guests to have a relaxed journey and a comfortable experience during our tours. Please bring coolers, snacks, and refreshments if desired.

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