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Hello my friends. My name is Travis Bishop and I'm the owner/operator of Big Jeep Tours.

I consider myself an expert on this region because I was born and raised here.  I love exploring new areas and am always looking to expand my expertise. 

My family moved to Bisbee from Texas in 1913 to work for the Phelps Dodge Mining Company in search of copper riches.

I was born in Bisbee in 1966 at the Warren Clinic which was across the street from the Warren Ballpark.  All of Bisbee's mining operations were still active. Today, the Chiricahua Community Hospital operates out of the same building. 

I grew up, went to school, and participated in all sports imaginable for the local Bisbee Schools (Central School, Huachuca Terrace School, Greenway Elementary, Lowell, and Bisbee High School).

I started high school in Bisbee undersized, unaccomplished in sports, and possessed every awkward characteristic imaginable. After a growth spurt of 10" in one year, I completed high school better in all sports, was a good student, and was somewhat prepared to enter the collegiate world.

After college, I moved to Phoenix where I started and raised a family and grew my professional career.

I also played a lot of golf in Phoenix and abroad.

Today, I'm a father, a grandfather, have a master's degree, am a diehard Sooners fan, am a high school track coach, am a business owner, and a tour guide who's happy to be back home sharing stories and history to visitors about the greatest city in Arizona - My hometown of Bisbee!