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the warren ballpark during a bisbee tour with field lights, bleachers, and a giant yellow cottonwood tree in front of its green wooden fence with red hand rails, small trees, yellow hills and a white blue sky in the background

Sitting at the bottom of Warren AZ is the Warren Ballpark. While traveling on our Bisbee tours, the field lights are visible at the bottom of the hilly Warren valley.

As one of the first completed structures in Warren AZ in 1909, the Warren Ballpark began operating with few or little homes in the Warren Area.

Warren Ballpark diamond shaped with grandstand sitting between hills and some houses behind it and agave plants in the foreground

The Warren Ballpark is the oldest operating multifunctional ballpark in America today and is five years older than Wrigley Field in Chicago.

wrigley field construction with a dirt field, grandstands, workers and a light gray sky

The grandstands at Warren Ballpark are made of concrete and traditional adobe brick. The grandstands also hold numerous rooms, hallways, restrooms, and locker rooms that travel underneath the grandstands themselves. As a kid who played Babe Ruth baseball and six years of grade/high school football there, your tour guide was terrified of those locker rooms in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

warren ballpark grandstands behind a street and four power poles and multiple power lines with a green hill and white blue sky in the background

In 1913, John McGraw (manager of the New York Giants) and Chicago White Sox owner Charles Comiskey (namesake of Comiskey Park) organized a traveling, touring team of Major League players that traveled the world. Because of easy access to Bisbee AZ via the railroad that DR James Douglas built, the touring team played at the Warren Ballpark.


McGraw, Comiskey, and a number of players in those exhibition games were inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame. Hall of Fame players included: Tris Speaker, Sam Crawford, Ray Schalk, and Red Faber, along with Olympic champion Jim Thorpe.

In fact, Jim Thorpe hit a home run over the scoreboard in center field, over the wooden green fence, and into the giant Cottonwood Tree behind the ballpark.

The "Chicago Black Sox" players, Buck Weaver, Hal Chase, Chick Gandil, and Lefty Williams who were banned from the Major League Baseball showed up in Bisbee AZ to play in its outlaw baseball league called the Copper League in the early 1920s.

By 1925 however, the Copper League eliminated the Black Sox players. "This stance hurt Bisbee’s performance on the field but put the city in the good graces of baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis, who in 1928 awarded Bisbee its first professional minor league team in the Arizona State League."

Bisbee Arizona and the Warren Ballpark hosted other notable baseball players as well like: Sid Cohen, Tuck Stainback, Jim Tobin, Clint “Scrap Iron” Courtney, and Billy Martin.

In 1917, the I.W.W. (Wobblies) labor union came to Bisbee AZ. The wobblies upset the local copper mining operations during WW1 with their radical positions. 

Cochise County Sheriff Harry Wheeler, John C. Greenway of the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company, and Walter Douglas of the Phelps Dodge Mining Company decided to round up all of the wobblies in Old Bisbee AZ, and march them to the Warren Ballpark to be interviewed.

2000 wobbly copper miners were interviewed at the Warren Ballpark. 1300 were loaded onto boxcars and shipped to the middle of the New Mexico desert and told not to return. Big Jeep Tours takes you to the boxcar loading location during its Bisbee Tours.

Many more notable athletes did battle at the Warren Ballpark like Benny Malone(Kansas City Chiefs), Art Malone(Philadelphia Eagles), Mossy Cade(Green Bay Packers), Mike Cade(ASU), and Danny Villa(New England Patriots).


Your famous tour guide also did battle on the Warren Ballpark football field for six years where he scored touchdowns, knocked opponents out, was knocked out by opponents, and played one whole football game with a shattered left hand.