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The Birth of a Monument: 1914, A Year to Remember

In the heart of Arizona lies a building that not only challenges the sands of time but also offers an extraordinary glimpse into the past. Welcome to the Old Bisbee High School, a monumental structure that has stood tall since 1914. Designed by the renowned architect Norman F. Marsh, this three-story edifice was initially built to serve the educational needs of the local mining community. Housing around 450 students per year, the school was a bustling center of learning and growth.

Surviving the Flames: The Fire of 1919

The school is a testament to resilience and determination. In 1919, a catastrophic fire swept through Bisbee, leaving a trail of destruction. Despite the huge challenges, the community, along with firefighters and school officials, rallied to save the building. It required significant rebuilding but rose from the ashes, reopening its doors in 1920.

A New Chapter: Transformation into County Offices

Over the years, the Old Bisbee High School has been a symbol of adaptability. After its closure as a school in 1959, it took on new roles, including serving as the county library and housing superintendent offices for Cochise County.

The Future Beckons: Affordable Luxury Apartments

In 2021, a dramatic transformation was set in motion. Sunny Tempe Investments purchased the property for $900,000 and announced ambitious plans to convert this iconic building into 32 apartment units. This move received the green light from the Cochise County Board and is expected to be completed within three years.

Why Visit Old Bisbee High School with Big Jeep Tours?

Our Historic Tours offer a unique opportunity to delve into the grandeur and intriguing history of this venerable edifice. The recent transition into apartments is an innovative way to breathe new life into the building, inviting new residents and invigorating the downtown area. It's not just about providing housing; it's about attracting a slightly different audience to the community.

A Treasure Trove of Historical Elements

The building still houses many historical remnants, including the original chalkboards in classrooms and old film from basketball games. The wide hallways and transom doorways are indicative of the old high school and are also good for residential purposes.

A Boost to the Local Community

The transformation of the Old Bisbee High School into apartments is expected to attract a younger demographic to Bisbee, thereby stimulating business in the downtown area. It's a win-win situation for both history buffs and the local community.


  • How old is Bisbee High School? The original high school was built in 1914.

  • What rank is Bisbee High School? The school was a prominent educational institution until its closure in 1959.

  • Why is Bisbee Arizona famous? Bisbee is renowned for its rich mining history and architectural marvels, including the Old Bisbee High School.

  • How many schools are in Bisbee Arizona? Bisbee has several schools, including elementary and junior high schools, as part of the Bisbee Unified School District.



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