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Evergreen Cemetery in Bisbee, Arizona, is more than a burial ground; it's a living museum echoing with the tales, triumphs, and tragedies of those who shaped the American West. Originally borne from a need to relocate the Old City Park Cemetery due to monsoon damage, Evergreen Cemetery became a new chapter in Bisbee's evolving history. Standing adjacent to the Shady Dell and Lowell School, the cemetery offers an unparalleled view into the city's past and present.

The Genesis of Evergreen Cemetery

The tale of Evergreen Cemetery is inherently connected to its geographical relocation. After monsoon rains severely damaged the Old City Park Cemetery, the need for a new resting place was evident. Evergreen Cemetery was born out of this necessity, becoming not just a graveyard but a living record of Bisbee's history.

The Evergreen Experience with #BisbeeBucketList

Your journey into Bisbee's past wouldn't be complete without a tour of Evergreen Cemetery, offered by #BigJeepTours. Your tour guide, who played here as a child, provides a unique and personal insight into the grounds, elevating your experience. Feel the hair on your arms rise as you venture deeper into this historical site, a must-see on any #BisbeeBucketList.

Tales Carved in Stone

As you meander through the cemetery, you'll encounter tombstones engraved with phrases like "Killed by Indians" or "Killed by Apaches," visceral reminders of the area's tumultuous past. Your tour guide will share anecdotal tales behind these engravings, adding a personal touch to the history lesson.

The Famous Residents of Evergreen

The cemetery is the final resting place for some of Bisbee's most iconic figures, such as Joseph Muheim and Harrison Lavender. But among the graves, you'll also find the headstone of George Warren, the man whose life encapsulates the spirit of Bisbee in its nascent mining days. These tombs are more than just stones; they are lasting tributes to the individuals who built the community.

 A National Historic Landmark

Designated as a National Historic Place, Evergreen Cemetery is home to a WW1 Artillery Gun and a WW2 Memorial. These aren't merely metal and stone; they're testaments to the valor and sacrifices of Bisbee's heroes, standing vigil over the city's storied past.

Why You Must Visit

Besides its historical gravity, Evergreen Cemetery offers a serene escape for contemplation. The towering Italian Cypress trees, serving as natural lightning rods, add to the cemetery's mystical aura. This is a place that invites introspection while connecting you to a bygone era.

An Emotional Odyssey

Walking through Evergreen Cemetery isn't just sightseeing; it's an emotional odyssey. You'll feel a gamut of emotions—curiosity at the stories, greed at the sight of opulent memorials, and sloth in the tranquil ambiance. Trust in the authentic tales that have withstood time, and find joy in the emotional richness that only a place as deeply layered as Evergreen Cemetery can offer.

So whether you're a history aficionado, a paranormal explorer, or a traveler intrigued by the unknown, Evergreen Cemetery is an unmissable stop on your journey through haunted Arizona. Come, be a part of Bisbee's hauntingly beautiful tapestry.



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