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Joseph Muheim, originally from Switzerland, relocated to Bisbee, Arizona, following his 1883 arrival in San Francisco. In his time in Bisbee, he transitioned from a role as a bartender to a position in banking. Notably, in 1905, he erected a building known as the Muheim Block, but colloquially referred to as "The Brewery." This structure played host to the Bisbee Stock Exchange, assorted stores, and a saloon, among other establishments.

An anecdote from Muheim’s saloon involves a black bear cub, which was notably present in the bar and would consume beer alongside the miners. Tragedy befell the animal when, after becoming intoxicated, it fell from a branch while attempting to sleep.

Muheim's residential home, the Muheim Heritage House, has been preserved and transformed into a museum. The home, notable for its panoramic views of Bisbee's old business district, underwent various construction phases and expansions, particularly as Muheim’s family and wealth expanded.

Furthermore, historical explorations of Bisbee, including stops at the aforementioned Muheim Heritage House and the notable Muheim Block, are offered via Big Jeep Tours. This journey provides insights into the life and impact of Joseph Muheim, a significant figure in Bisbee’s history.

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