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Discover the Enchantment of Bisbee, Lowell, and Juniper Flats on the Miners Peak Tour

Join the Miners Peak Tour by Big Jeep Tours for an unforgettable trip through Bisbee, Arizona. This tour mixes visits to old homes and stunning mountain views. Start by exploring Bisbee’s mining history with a visit to old mine pits, giving you a firsthand look at the town’s past as a mining hub.

Next, wander through Lowell, Arizona, checking out cool spots like Erie Street and the old Lowell School. The Shady Dell area will give you a taste of the town’s rich history with its old-school charm. Then, head to the heart of Old Bisbee, where places like OK Street and the Muheim House stand out. Wrap up your tour with a drive up to Juniper Flats, where you’ll see amazing views all the way to Mexico and across local valleys. This tour offers a great mix of history and beautiful scenery.


Location Map & Itinerary

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 Old Bisbee 

 Lavender Pit 


 Juniper Flats 


Guest-Choice Pickup and Dropoff

Visit Old Bisbee

Visit Lavender Pit

Visit Lowell

Visit Juniper Flats

60 minutes

Explore Old Bisbee (historic district)

Explore Old Bisbee (historic district)

The Juniper Flats Tour begins at your chosen pickup location and heads to the road above the Mule Pass Tunnel. This tour provides a thrilling off-road adventure to the top of the mountain. Once you reach the summit, you'll be treated to breathtaking wide-ranging views that stretch for miles in every direction. As you ascend the mountain, watch for the local wildlife that might appear along the way. There's also a chance to search for different minerals on the ground, adding an element of discovery to this picturesque and exciting journey.

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High Road Overlook

old houses on a hill with mountains in the background

Attractions along the way

60 minutes

Explore Juniper Flats (mountaintop)

Explore Juniper Flats (mountaintop)

Juniper Flats offers an adventurous off-road journey to the mountain top. Once you reach the summit, you'll be greeted with spectacular panoramic views that extend for hundreds of miles in every direction. As you travel up the mountain, keep an eye out for the area's local wildlife, which may be spotted along the route. There’s also the fun opportunity to look for various minerals scattered on the ground, making this not just a scenic trip but also an engaging exploration of the natural environment.

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Juniper Flats Towers

Attractions along the way

green mountaintop with pink rocks
a road in a mountain valley
The Divide
stone marker next to a tree
Continental Divide Marker
dirt road with small bushes and a grey sky
Juniper Flats Road
green mountaintop under a grey sky
Escabrosa Ridge
smiling woman in red jacket waving and holding a black dog
Microwave Towers

30 minutes

Visit the Open Mines

Visit the Open Mines

The Miners Peak Tour explores the exposed mines located just south of old Bisbee. You'll be amazed by the vast dimensions and hues of the intense mineral deposits. You will discover the mining methods that endured for 24 years and what lies beneath the enormous excavations. This area belongs to Bisbee Blue Turquoise, and your guide will point out the large visible rocks close by.

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Lavender Pit Overlook

open mine with terraced brown and orand walls along with a hill of gray rock

Attractions along the way

45 minutes

Explore Lowell AZ

Explore Lowell AZ

You'll journey through Lowell, Arizona, a secluded suburb near the exposed mines. Vintage cars and classic storefronts will spark your imagination as you wander down Erie Street. You will also see the effects of lightning strikes in our eerie cemetery and discover the story of a lightning casualty from 1973.

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Guest request

classic automobiles on a street with vintage storefronts

Attractions along the way

woman in red jacket walking on a mountaintop

Pickup and Dropoff

To accommodate Guest-Choice convenience, Big Jeep Tours offers personalized pickup services throughout the greater Bisbee area. Given that parking can be limited, we are more than happy to meet you at your location—whether it's hotels, Airbnbs, bed and breakfasts, or restaurants. Wherever you are, we'll come to you.

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