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3 hours | Bumpy
$75 / Guest 
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3-Hour Private Tour of Old Bisbee, the Open Mines, Lowell AZ, and Juniper Flats (Mountaintop) 


Embark on an unforgettable journey through Bisbee, Arizona's captivating landscapes and historical gems with the Miners Peak Tour by Big Jeep Tours. This comprehensive tour is a curated blend of historical residences and awe-inspiring mountaintop vistas, ensuring a captivating and well-rounded experience.​ Begin your adventure by exploring Bisbee's formidable mining history. Delve into open mine pits and leaching ponds, where the raw essence of the town’s mining roots is vividly displayed. This experience allows for a deeper understanding of the local industrial heritage. Transition to the quaint charm of Lowell, Arizona. Immerse yourself in attractions like Erie Street, Lowell School, and the Evergreen Cemetery. The Shady Dell's vintage allure offers a unique perspective on the town's vibrant past and passionate stories.​ Navigate through the enchanting streets of Old Bisbee. Discover key attractions such as OK Street, the Muheim House, and Brewery Gulch. The tour also showcases High Road and stunning historic architecture along Quality Hill and Main Street, offering a rich, culturally immersive experience that speaks volumes of the town's historical and architectural splendor.​ Conclude your adventure by ascending to the elevations of Juniper Flats. At 7005 feet, absorb expansive views ranging from the distant outlines of Mexico and the border wall to the vast stretches of the San Pedro Valley and Sulphur Springs Valley. This offroad journey through majestic mountaintops offers a refreshing blend of natural beauty and panoramic excellence.​ Join the Miners Peak Tour for a curated blend of Bisbee’s historical residences and awe-inspiring mountaintop vistas, each aspect carefully chosen to ensure a captivating and well-rounded tour experience.

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Ages: All ages welcome 

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Duration: 180 minutes (3 hours)

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Start time: Check availability

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Travel: Bumpy - Pavement and offroad travel 

Whats included? * Air conditioned or heated vehicle * Private tour - one group at a time

What to expect Itinerary Stop At: Lavender Pit You'll first visit the Lavender Pit Lookout. Here, a mere five feet from a 900-foot-deep mine pit, the guide details mining methods and equipment. You’ll then move to another pit section showcasing remnants of leaching ponds. The guide explains how copper is extracted from ore through leaching, adding depth to your understanding of mining science. You will also delve into the socio-cultural aspects, discussing nearby closed mining communities and their historical context along with future mining prospects. This attraction offers an intricate view of mining operations, from large-scale setups to minute chemical processes, all set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. Duration: 45 minutes Stop At: Lowell, AZ Begin your tour in Lowell, AZ by exploring Erie Street. With 1940s classic cars and vintage storefronts, this is an ideal spot for photography. Your guide will also share insights into the historical Junction Mine operations. Next, you'll move to the Shady Dell Hotel. As you drive through its parking lot, the guide will explain the historical importance and the cultural relevance of the hotel. The lot itself is filled with classic vehicles and antique artifacts. Your tour continues to Lowell School, with its copper roof and doors. The guide will share both historical information and personal stories related to the school. Another stop is at a leaching drainage ditch and its polluted waters. The guide will share stories of how this ditch was a hub for his childhood adventures. The last attraction is a drive through the Evergreen Cemetery, a nationally registered historic site. Here, the guide will educate you on the cemetery's historical background and its significance to Bisbee. Duration: 45 minutes Stop At: Bisbee AZ Your tour then travels to Old Bisbee and turns to OK Street, immersing you in rich history and unique architecture. As you ascend, the guide elaborates on the street's historical significance, pausing at Joseph Muheim's house to discuss his contributions. Next, you explore Brewery Gulch, known for its blend of architecture and historical events, pausing at Muheim’s Bar for an in-depth look. You'll then move to the Lyric Theater and Central School parking lot, each offering different facets of local history and design. A stop at the Old High School provides insights into the area's educational past. The tour then ascends High Road, offering panoramic views and an extensive history lesson on Bisbee. Finally, you'll descend to Quality Hill for another layer of history and architecture before concluding on Main Street with three distinct stops that bring the area's evolving story full circle. Duration: 45 minutes Stop At: Juniper Flats The last part of your tour takes you to the top of the Mule Mountains on a dirt road that starts next to the Mule Pass Tunnel. You may see wildlife like the Coues Deer, Coatimundi, or Red-tailed Hawk along the way. Your offroad journey stops at the microwave towers used by Fort Huachuca and immediately upon departing the Big Jeep, there’s a chance to find malachite spread along the ground. From the high perch, you’ll be able to see a few hundred miles into Mexico, along with Douglas, AZ, the Huachuca Mountains, the Chiricahua Mountains, the Sulphur Springs Valley, the San Pedro Valley, the Santa Rita Mountains, the Whetstone Mountains, and the Catalina Mountains near Tucson, AZ. Duration: 50 minutes

Depart and return

Start: Multiple pickup locations offered. Guest Choice Pickup and Dropoff offered or default location

  • Default location - 10 Copper Queen Plaza, Bisbee, AZ 85603, USA

    Go to the Big Jeep in the parking lot at 10 Copper Queen Plaza.


Guest Choice pickup details

  • I'm able to pick up guests at any location in the greater Bisbee area. This includes parking lots, restaurants, hotels, or an Airbnb. The Big Jeep will arrive a few minutes before your tour starts for guest convenience.


During online booking, you will be able to select your pickup location.



  • Default - 10 Copper Queen Plaza, Bisbee, AZ 85603, USA

  • I can drop you off at any location in the greater Bisbee area.

Accessibility Not wheelchair accessible Service animals allowed

Additional information Confirmation will be received at time of booking Not recommended for pregnant travelers Most travelers can participate This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate

Cancellation policy Cancel at anytime and full refunds will be started within 12 hours

Help If you have questions about this tour or need help making your booking, we’d be happy to help. Just call +1 520 660 1686








Start tour at Guest Choice location

Open Mine pits: 45 minutes

Lowell AZ: 45 minutes

Old Bisbee: 45 minutes

Juniper Flats: 50 minutes

End tour at Guest Choice location

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