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Big Jeep Tours


Explore Bisbee, Arizona, Like Never Before

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Why Choose Big Jeep Tours?

Our roots run deep in Bisbee. Born and bred here, we've grown up with the vibrant culture of this historic mining town. We've witnessed the evolution of Bisbee, from open pit mines to heritage tourism. Our founder and Native Bisbee Tour Guide, Travis, has firsthand experience of his childhood in Bisbee that is intricately woven into every tour we offer. Big Jeep Tours is your intimate gateway to experiencing all of Bisbee.

Unravel the secrets of Bisbee with our Signature Private Tours:

Find some Turquoise with us....

large buildings in a valley

(2 hours/Mild) - Journey through a valley flanked by grand architecture, a testament to times gone by.

brown adobe walls and blue sky

5 hours/Bumpy) - Experience the rugged charm of the desert set against adobe backdrops under the azure sky.

silver jeep on a mountain

(3 hours/Bumpy) - Witness the resilience of nature as you traverse the peaks in our sturdy Jeep.

dirt road and green mountaintops with small bushes

(1 hour/Bumpy) - A speedy tour highlighting the green mountaintops and the panoramic views they offer.

gray adobe ballpark grandstands

(3 hours/Mild) - Uncover hidden gems across 12 different locations from the comfort of our Jeep.

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