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Bisbee Deportation 1917

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Bisbee Deportation

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the dramatic and captivating history of the #Bisbee Deportation on this exclusive guided tour by Big Jeep Tours. Our expert tour guide will lead you through the historical events and stories that unfolded in Bisbee, Arizona, over a century ago. Learn about the gripping tales of the townsfolk, miners, and law enforcement officers who found themselves entangled in a labor dispute that escalated into one of the most infamous episodes in American history.

Tour Highlights:

1. Sheriff Wheeler's Machine Gun Ride: Relive the suspenseful moment when Sheriff Wheeler, determined to protect Bisbee from an alleged miner uprising, drove around the town with a machine gun mounted on his vehicle. Listen to our knowledgeable guide as he unravels the details of this daring action, and learn about the impact this show of force had on the local community and the unfolding events.

2. The Striking Miners: Discover the miners' side of the story, as you hear about their reasons for going on strike, their demands for better working conditions, and the tactics they used to resist the mining companies' iron grip on the town. Learn about the Industrial Workers of the World (#IWW), the radical labor union that supported the striking miners, and their role in the eventual deportation.

3. The Bisbee Deportation: Delve into the harrowing details of the Bisbee Deportation, which occurred on July 12, 1917. Over 1,000 striking miners and their supporters were rounded up by a posse of over 2,000 armed citizens, forcibly loaded onto cattle cars, and transported to the New Mexico desert. Our tour guide will explain the events that led to this shocking incident and its aftermath, including the legal battles and public outcry that followed.

4. The Unsuspecting Buffalo Soldiers: Visit the nearby town of Naco, where the Buffalo Soldiers, a regiment of African American troops, were stationed during the deportation. Learn about how they were left unaware of the events transpiring in Bisbee, despite being just a few miles away, and how their presence influenced the actions of the mining companies and Sheriff Wheeler.

5. The Legacy of the Deportation: As the tour concludes, reflect on the lasting effects of the Bisbee Deportation on labor relations, civil liberties, and the town itself. Our guide will provide insightful commentary on how this event reshaped Bisbee's history and influenced future labor disputes across the United States.

Join Big Jeep Tours on this captivating journey through time, and uncover the stories of the Bisbee Deportation that have been hidden for over a century. Book your tour now and experience the intrigue and drama of this significant event in American history.

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