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Discover Historic Charm and Adventure at the Copper Queen Hotel

When setting out to discover Bisbee, be sure to immerse yourself in the captivating southwestern charm and old-west history that permeates the iconic Copper Queen Hotel.

red green and white hotel
Copper Queen Hotel

This boutique hotel, situated in the pulsating heart of Downtown Bisbee, stands as a vivid tribute to the city's mining heritage. Flaunting elegant decor and deluxe amenities, the hotel embodies Bisbee architecture at its finest and has secured its place as a tourist favorite.

Who could resist the intriguing opportunity to partake in ghost tours and delve into the haunted history that underlies this renowned establishment? The Copper Queen Hotel isn't just a symbol among Bisbee Historic Sites, it's a living, breathing entity, resonating with tales from a time long gone.

Considered one of the oldest hotels in Arizona that is still in operation, the Copper Queen Hotel transcends being a mere place to stay—it's an experience. Marvel at the grand pianos, and the dazzling Tiffany chandeliers, and indulge in a taste of old-world hospitality. As an iconic lodging spot in the region, this hotel exemplifies the essence of historic Arizona buildings.

When in Bisbee, AZ, adding the Copper Queen Hotel to your itinerary is a given. It's not just the allure of the architecture that will captivate you, but also the storied rooms bearing names of legendary figures. From the Harry Houdini Room to the Teddy Roosevelt Room and John Wayne Room, each guestroom is a tangible reminder of the extraordinary figures that have graced this hotel with their presence.

After a day spent exploring Bisbee landmarks, the Copper Queen Bar provides a welcoming space to unwind. This was John Wayne's favored hangout, and its walls echo the explosive bar fight between Wayne and Lee Marvin. It's not just an ordinary bar, it's a place where you can literally drink in history.

In essence, the Copper Queen Hotel is a must-visit monument on any journey to Bisbee, AZ. With its haunted past, rich history, prime location, and architectural grandeur, this historic hotel promises an unforgettable journey. Whether you explore its historic past through Big Jeep Tours or simply bask in its enduring charm, the Copper Queen Hotel is sure to make your Bisbee adventure truly memorable.


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