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square, concrete mountain tunnel entrance

Welcome to Big Jeep Tours, your gateway to the most thrilling and unforgettable adventures in Bisbee, Arizona. Today, we invite you to embark on a journey like no other—a journey through the Mule Pass Tunnel, a marvel of engineering and a capsule of history that promises to transport you to a different era.

The Mule Pass Tunnel: A Portal to Bisbee's Rich History

The Mule Pass Tunnel is not just a tunnel; it's a time machine. Managed by the Arizona Department of Transportation, this 1,400-foot-long tunnel is the longest true tunnel in Arizona. Completed in 1958, it has since remained a must-visit site on our tour. The tunnel was constructed in the Mule Mountains over 23 grueling months, using 1,100 tons of steel and 15,000 cubic yards of concrete. It's a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of progress, cutting a full 10 minutes off the drive into Bisbee.

The Allure of Time Travel: The Tunnel's Mystical Aura

As you approach the tunnel, you'll feel a peculiar sensation, as if you're about to step into a different time. This is no mere illusion. Locals and tourists alike have reported feeling as if they've been transported to another era as they pass through. This unique aura has even caught the attention of Hollywood, earning the tunnel a starring role in the movie Cannonball Run 2.

The Scenic Beauty and the Mistaken Marker

Interestingly, the Mule Pass Tunnel is located near a marker that erroneously claims it's on top of the Continental Divide. While the actual divide is about 120 miles to the east, this marker adds a layer of mystery and allure to the tunnel. It's a perfect spot for contemplation and offers stunning views of Bisbee's Tombstone Canyon and the San Pedro Valley.

Why Choose Big Jeep Tours?

At Big Jeep Tours, we offer more than just a ride; we offer an experience. Our tours are designed to evoke emotions of curiosity, greed for knowledge, sloth-like relaxation, vanity in the face of awe-inspiring views, trust in our expertise, and joy in discovery. So, are you ready to explore the Mule Pass Tunnel and create unforgettable memories? Book your tour now and dive into the historic depths of Bisbee with us!


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