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Updated: Nov 23, 2023


black headframe and mine building next to large tailing pile
Warren Mine (Lowell Mine Headframe)

Explore the Legacy of Lowell Mine with our Bisbee Tours

Rediscovering Arizona's Mining Roots: Join Bisbee Tours for an enthralling journey into the heart of Arizona's mining history, featuring the legendary Lowell Mine. This once-thriving hub of copper mining activity in Bisbee now serves as a portal to a bygone era, offering a unique glimpse into the state's rich industrial past.

The Rise and Transformation of Lowell Mine

A Century of Mining Excellence: Established in the late 19th century, Lowell Mine quickly became a cornerstone in Arizona's mining industry. Its establishment marked the beginning of a significant era in Bisbee's history, contributing vastly to the region's economic and cultural development.

The Visionary Behind the Venture: The inception of Lowell Mine is inextricably linked to Frank Hanchett, a pioneer from Lowell, Massachusetts. Hanchett's ambitious vision and determination led to the mine's establishment, making him an integral figure in its early history.

Engineering Feats and Industrial Might: The mine was renowned for its impressive engineering feats, including a double-compartment shaft that extended 900 feet underground. These advancements not only demonstrated the technological capabilities of the era but also positioned Lowell Mine as a leader in the mining industry.

The Impact of Open Pit Mining

A Shift in the Landscape: In 1951, a significant shift occurred when open pit mining operations engulfed the Lowell Mine site. This transformation led to the cessation of operations at the Lowell Mine, marking the end of an era. However, the site's historical significance and its stories remain a point of fascination for visitors and historians alike.

The Legacy Lives On

The Warren Mine Headframe - A Symbol of Resilience: A poignant reminder of Lowell Mine's past, the Warren Mine headframe, originally part of the Lowell Mine, still stands between Dump #7 and Greenway School in Warren, Arizona. This headframe is a symbol of the enduring legacy of the mining community in Bisbee.

Connect with History on Your Tour

Personal Insights from Your Guides: Our tour guides, some of whom have family ties to the Lowell Mine, offer personal anecdotes and insights, adding depth and authenticity to your experience. They share stories of the miners and their families, painting a vivid picture of life during the mine's heyday.

Exploring the Echoes of the Past: As you journey through the remnants of the Lowell Mine with Bisbee Tours, you'll not only learn about the mine's history and its technological achievements but also about the people who worked there and the community that thrived around it.

Uncover Local Myths and Legends: The tour is also sprinkled with intriguing local legends, including the mysterious tale of a headless ghost rumored to haunt the area, adding an exciting and eerie dimension to your exploration.

Conclusion: A Journey Through Time

A Must-Visit Historical Destination: Your #BisbeeTrip offers a unique opportunity to connect with a pivotal chapter in Arizona's mining history. The story of Lowell Mine, enriched by personal narratives and historical insights, awaits you. Don't miss this extraordinary chance to step back in time and immerse yourself in the legacy of one of Arizona's most significant mining sites.

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