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Calumet & Arizona Mining Company

A Historical Attraction in Bisbee, Arizona, the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company

railway and copper mine buildings with headframe and desert hills in the background
Junction Mine


The Calumet & Arizona Mining Company (C&A) was a significant mining enterprise in Arizona, particularly in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Founded in 1901, the company was involved in copper mining and played a pivotal role in the development of the Warren townsite in Bisbee, based on the "City Beautiful" concept. The company existed until 1931 when it merged with the Phelps-Dodge Corporation. The Story: In September 1899, the Lake Superior and Western Development Company was formed to explore mining opportunities in Arizona. By 1900, they had purchased mining claims from Arizona pioneer Martin Costello. After rigorous testing, the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company was officially organized in March 1901. Its original holdings were adjacent to the Copper Queen Mine near Bisbee, Arizona. Over the years, the company expanded its operations, acquiring other mining companies and increasing its holdings significantly. The company was not without its challenges. Many experienced miners considered their operations risky, but the founders, including Captain Hoatson and associates like Gordon R. Campbell and T.F. Cole, were undeterred. They invested heavily in the property, even when faced with skepticism and financial difficulties. Their conviction paid off, and the company became highly successful, paying over $46,000,000 in dividends to shareholders who stuck with them. Relationship to Cousin Jacks and Irish Mag Mine: The Irish Mag Mine fell on hardship due to its owners murderous habits and was eventually sold to the C&A. Its location in the middle of the mining valley allowed for the C&A to block southern progress by Phelps dodge at that time. The C&A was made up of Cornish Miners called Cousin Jacks. The Cousin Jacks were considered the best copper miners in the world and could lay in a small tunnel on their bellies while simultaneously swinging a 70lb sledgehammer above their head. Cousin Jacks also posessed superior mining techniques allowing the C&A to dominate mining in the Bisbee area. Presented by Big Jeep Tours: Today, the legacy of the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company is kept alive by Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona. The tour offers visitors a chance to explore the rich history and significant contributions of the company to the mining industry and the development of Bisbee.


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