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Queen Mine Tour

Queen Mine Tour

Situated in the heart of Bisbee, Arizona, the Queen Mine Tour offers an enthralling underground adventure that attracts thousands of visitors annually, making it a top-rated attraction on the list of 'Things to do in Bisbee'. As one of our Bisbee Tours attractions, this historically-rich journey demands participants to don the traditional miner's attire - hard hats, headlamps, and yellow slickers, enhancing the overall experience of venturing into the renowned Copper Queen Mine.

The tour guides are no ordinary individuals, but retired miners from the Phelps Dodge Corporation who provide an invaluable firsthand insight. They share their personal experiences from when they worked 1,500 feet below the ground, captivating the audience with tales of mining techniques, associated hazards, and the dramatic stories that unfolded in the depths of the mine.

The tour begins at the Queen Mine Tour Building, which is a significant monument in itself. Initially the second smelter in Bisbee, this building owes its existence to Judge Dewitt Bisbee, the city's namesake. Today, it stands as a testament to Bisbee's mining heritage and serves as the historical starting point for the mine tour.

A brief dip into the backstory of the Queen Mine Tour reveals that the mines in Bisbee were closed in the 70s by the Phelps Dodge Corporation. Recognizing the historical importance of these mines, Mayor Chuck Eads proposed to preserve their legacy and simultaneously boost tourism via mine tours. His vision was realized in 1976 with the collaborative support of Phelps Dodge and local volunteers.

Since its inception, the Queen Mine Tour has attracted over a million visitors worldwide, providing an authentic underground mining experience with a tour train. The assurance of safety and a wealth of knowledge are rendered by the seasoned miner guides.

However, Bisbee has more to offer beyond its mines. A walk around the city reveals historic buildings, art galleries, and unique shops, each echoing a tale of the city's rich past. The Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum provides a comprehensive deep dive into the city's mining past, enriching the overall Bisbee experience.

In conclusion, whether you are a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply someone in search of something novel, the Queen Mine Tour is a must-visit. Get ready to grab your gear and delve into the compelling mining legacy of Arizona!

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