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Discovering the Elusive Lyre Snake: Traits and Habitat

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The Lyre Snake, scientifically known as *Trimorphodon lambda*, is an intriguing reptile native to the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. This snake is particularly notable for its distinctive V-shaped pattern on the head, which somewhat resembles a lyre, a classical stringed musical instrument. Its body is generally light brown or gray with darker brown blotches, which provides excellent camouflage among the desert rocks and sands.

On a Big Jeep Tour in Bisbee, Arizona, a guide might point out the Lyre Snake as it skillfully navigates the rocky terrain. These snakes are nocturnal, so they are more active in the cooler night temperatures, slithering across the desert in search of their next meal. They primarily prey on small mammals, birds, and occasionally other reptiles. The Lyre Snake's ability to climb and its mild venom, which it uses to subdue its prey, make it a fascinating subject for visitors interested in the natural history of the area.

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