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John C. Greenway, a notable American born in 1872 in Huntsville, Alabama, attended #YaleUniversity where he played football and was a decorated All-American Catcher and Quarterback. 🏈 After graduation, he worked for steel companies until the Spanish War broke out, and he joined the Roughriders, led by Theodore Roosevelt, where he was cited for his bravery. He was eventually promoted to First Lieutenant. 🎖️

Greenway was later recruited by the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company (C&A) in Bisbee, Arizona, and helped develop the most efficient and productive operation in the area's copper mining history. ⛏️ He quickly rose through the ranks and became instrumental in the development and successful mining operations at several mines, including the Junction Mine, Hoatson Mine, Denn Mine, and Campbell Mine, as well as the development of the City Beautiful Plan for Warren, AZ. Greenway also founded the city of Ajo, AZ, and started the copper mine in the area called the New Cornelia Mine. 💪🌵

In 1933, he married Isabella Munro-Ferguson, who later became Arizona's first Congresswoman. 💍 Greenway's legacy is remembered by several institutions and landmarks, including a statue at the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building near the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Greenway High School in Phoenix, Greenway Road in Phoenix, the Greenway House in Bisbee, Arizona, Greenway Elementary School in Bisbee, Arizona, Greenway Public Schools in Coleraine, Minnesota, and Greenway Township, Itasca County, Minnesota. 🏛️🗺️

One of the most controversial events associated with Greenway was the #BisbeeDeportation of 1917, where the mine bosses shipped out 1300 striking miners on boxcars to the New Mexico desert. Although the humanitarian aspect of the event has been widely criticized, the mine bosses believed that the IWW labor union (Wobblies), financed by Germany, was trying to compromise copper mining production during WWI. ⚒️🚂

Despite the controversy surrounding the Bisbee Deportation, Greenway's contributions to the copper mining industry and the development of several Arizona cities are undeniable. Today, visitors to Arizona can learn about Greenway's legacy by visiting the various landmarks and institutions named after him, making him a fascinating attraction for #BigJeepTours. 🌟🚙

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