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James Douglas



#JamesDouglas: The "Father of Bisbee" 🏭💪

- James Douglas, a Canadian of Scottish descent born in Quebec in 1837, became a local hero in #Bisbee, Arizona.

- Douglas's expertise as an expert metallurgist led to his recruitment by Phelps, Dodge, and Co. in 1881 to develop copper mining in Morenci and Bisbee.

💰💡 Mining and Community Contributions 💒🌎

- Douglas hit a massive copper ore vein on Bucky O'Neil Hill, leading to the #WarrenMiningDistrict's population explosion.

- He solved the water supply issue by finding a fresh-water aquifer under the US-Mexico Border and piping it to Bisbee, serving the town till today.

🛒⚖️ Affordable Goods and Community Welfare 🏥👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

- To combat price-gouging, Douglas purchased Mary Crossey's General Store and transformed it into the #CopperQueenStore, offering reasonably priced goods.

- He donated his private residence as the first Copper Queen Hospital, contributing to the healthcare needs of the community.

🔥🏭 Smelting Expansion and City Building 🚂🏢

- To meet smelting demands, Douglas built a new copper smelter near the railway he constructed to the Nacozari Mine, which spurred the growth of the City of #DouglasAZ.

- The new smelter doubled copper production and provided employment opportunities for workers.

James Douglas's immeasurable contributions to the #WarrenMiningDistrict and #Bisbee make him a local hero and the "Father of Bisbee." 🙌👏

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