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Dive headfirst into an unparalleled adventure with the compelling things to do in Bisbee, AZ, which proudly encompasses the unique Big Jeep Tours. This captivating journey whisks you away through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Bisbee, Arizona, promising an encounter with the exotic creature of the desert, the coatimundi. Often hailed as a desert gem, the coatimundi, or coati as locals affectionately call it, calls the lush and lively vegetation of Juniper Flats its home. With these unusual and fascinating beings adorning your exciting travel itinerary, the Big Jeep Tours promise an unparalleled journey.

The coati, an animated and fascinating member of the raccoon family, adds an intriguing touch to your journey. It is immediately recognizable with its elongated snout, bushy tail, and a distinctive brownish-grey to reddish fur coat. On average, an adult coati spans about 33 to 69 centimeters from head to body, complemented by an equally long tail and can reach a weight up to 17 pounds.

As your journey unravels the rustic beauty of Juniper Flats, you might be lucky enough to spot these intriguing mammals. Expert diggers and climbers with strong claws and a flexible nose, they navigate the terrain in their quest for insects, fruits, and small vertebrates, effectively contributing to the ecosystem's health and balance.

Interestingly, coatis are predominantly diurnal creatures. Their activity peaks during the cooler morning and late afternoon hours. This has inspired us to strategically schedule our tours to maximize the chances of you spotting a coati. Particularly, from late spring to early fall, these creatures are most active. During these times, you might spot them in their natural habitat, often seen in groups of females and their young, reflecting a deeply touching sense of community.

So keep your cameras at the ready, as the coatis' curious and social behavior often presents delightful photo opportunities. However, do remember they are still wild animals. We endorse a "look but don't touch" policy for the safety of both parties.

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating off-road adventure with Big Jeep Tours, giving you a chance to unearth the natural allure of Bisbee's Juniper Flats and its charming inhabitants, the coatis. This unforgettable experience will foster a deep connection with Arizona's breathtaking landscapes and the intriguing wildlife it hosts. Your exploration of the Southwest's wilderness isn't complete without meeting these fascinating creatures in their natural environment.

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