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The Shady Dell started as a trailer court in 1927, designed as a place for weary travelers to rest upon entering Bisbee AZ from State Route 80 and reaching the traffic circle. Today it is a hotel and all rooms are vintage trailers and airbuses except for one. It's a yacht!

shady dell hotel next to wooden fence and vintage car

The Shady Dell is located between State Route 80 and the National Historic Evergreen Cemetery and across the street from Lowell School.

kiosk and cypress trees in evergreen cemetery

Starting in 1959, Dot's Diner serves all Shady Dell guests breakfast and lunch and is open to the public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Ed and Rita Personett, The Shady Dell's original owners bought the from someone's backyard in Kansas, specifically with a restaurant in mind.  Ed and Rita had their eyes on a local chef in Bisbee and convinced her to come work with them. The chef's name was Dot Bozeman, and Dot’s was born with its namesake at the kitchen’s helm.

white and red vintage diner with gravel yard
tiki statue and boat next to palm tress
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