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brown adobe ruins, outdoor, dry yellow grass, blue sky, desert in bisbee, arizona


40+ Mile Mountaintop, Mining, and History Tour - Old Bisbee - Open Pits - Lowell - Saginaw - Bakerville - Warren - Galena - Briggs - Tintown - Don Luis - San Jose - Naco - The Border Wall - Juniper Flats

5 Hour Tour

$125 per guest + tax
Bumpy (Pavement & Offroad)
Tour Capacity 1-4 Guests

five gold star review tour rating at big jeep tours
Warren Ballpark Grandstand seen during the copper city territory tour, outdoor, yellow hill, blue sky in bisbee, arizona

Tour Details

Introducing the remarkable Copper Territory Tour, a thrilling adventure through the heart of Bisbee, Arizona. This journey offers an unparalleled opportunity to uncover the rich mining history and rugged landscapes of this exceptional destination in Cochise County. Because you'll be led by a local guide deeply acquainted with every hidden gem in Bisbee, your experience will be nothing short of sensational. 

We start the tour in the historic district of Old Bisbee. Here, you'll board a sturdy and comfortable jeep, your reliable transport for traversing nearly 40 miles of the region's diverse and stunning scenery. Your knowledgeable guide will instantly captivate you with engaging narratives about Bisbee's history and personal experiences growing up in the renowned "Queen of the Copper Camps." 

This adventure presents a challenge to compare the unique architecture and culture of Bisbee and its surrounding communities. With six planned stops offering amazing photo opportunities, this tour is sure to leave you with cherished memories. 

• _Highlight_: Immerse yourself in Bisbee's deep mining history, witnessing the remnants of the past that shaped this extraordinary town. 

The excitement doesn't stop in Old Bisbee. Now, the tour propels you towards a memorable mountaintop journey to Juniper Flats. Suddenly, you're part of the wilderness, with a variety of local wildlife populating the area, including Javelina, Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Red-Tailed Hawk, Coati, Ringtail, Gopher Snakes, Black-Tailed Rattlesnakes, Turkey Vultures, and Green Mohave Rattlesnakes. 

• _Highlight_: The new and breathtaking vistas of the Sulphur Springs Valley and the San Pedro Valley are an absolute must-see. 

The Copper Territory Tour is perfect for families, couples, or solo travelers seeking a mix of adventure, history, and sensational landscapes. This offer is also an opportunity to learn and explore with ease, bringing a sense of magic to your visit in Bisbee, Arizona. 

Our tour is not just an improvement to your understanding of Bisbee's history and culture; it's a revolutionary way to experience the town. Announcing a quick and easy booking process, we make it effortless for you to secure your spot on this amazing journey. 

This startling tour is a bargain, considering the enriching experience you get in return. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Hurry, because we wanted to make this experience available to everyone. However, due to its popularity, spots are filling up fast. So book your Copper Territory Tour now and prepare for a journey filled with unforgettable moments!

The Ultimate Touring Experience: All-Inclusive

ICONIC LANDSCAPES - Thrilling panoramic adventure into Mule Mountain's backcountry

UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWS - See colorful canyons, elegant valleys, and miles of Mexico

LAVENDER PIT OVERLOOK - Learn about open pit mining, Bisbee Blue Turquoise 

CAMP NACO - See 112-year-old Army barracks, the mess hall, and the hospital

BORDER WALL - Touch the old border wall, and learn about Patrick Murphy

CAMPBELL MINE - Visit the deepest mine in Bisbee and learn about fire doors

WARREN BALLPARK - See the site of the Bisbee Deportation and its wobblies

CONVENIENT - Guest-preferred pickup and dropoff location

NATURAL WONDERS - See desert fauna,  flora, and geology

EDUCATIONAL - Dive into Bisbee mining, architecture, and people history

Know Before You Go

Some Rugged 4X4 adventure tour traversing primitive dirt road

  • Walking on uneven terrain; four-wheeling down steep descents

  • Not recommended for guests who prefer a mild experience

  • Recommended for guests who love history

  • Recommended for guests who love sightseeing

  • Not recommended for guests who may have a fear of heights

  • Guests with limited mobility may not be able to access all of the viewpoints (Juniper Flats)

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