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The Brewery Saloon, also known as the Stock Exchange Saloon was built in 1905 by famous Bisbee businessman and developer, Joseph Muheim. The structure was originally called the "Muheim Block" because it had a number of different businesses within its red brick walls.

The Muheim Block structure replaced the original, smaller "Brewery" where Joseph Muheim worked and brewed beer for the Bisbee copper miners.

In fact, Muheim's original building extended and covered lower Brewery Gulch and the parking lot in front of St Elmos Bar today.

The Muheim Block used the name "Brewery Saloon" for nine years and offered many libations and different services to the copper miners. When it was the Brewery Saloon, a miner brought a Black Bear Cub into the bar. 

Muheim's son purchased the cub from the miner and the bear became a permanent attraction at the Brewery Saloon. The bear sat at the bar and drank daily with its miner friends and participated in shoving matches with the miners. The bear grew quickly and the shoving games turned into miners tossed across the bar floor. Muheim worried for his patron's safety but the inebriated bear, who slept every night on a large cottonwood tree branch behind the bar, fell off the branch drunk and hung itself.

When prohibition eliminated all liquor licenses in America in 1914, Muheim convinced the brokerage firm of Duey and Overlock, who occupied the building’s second floor, to move to the main floor. The entire north bar wall of the Brewery Saloon became a stock board and E.F. Hutton sent a ticker tape to the Muheim Block. That's when the building became the Stock Exchange Saloon. The Stock Board is still there today, preserved behind glass.

After a closure from 1961 to 1982, the Stock Exchange Saloon was reopened, remodeled, and re-introduced to the community until 2020 when it awaits new ownership today.