Copper City Territory Tour

$70 / Person

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 70 US dollars
  • 10 Copper Queen Plaza, Bisbee, or I will call you for pickup location.

Service Description

A THIRTY+ MILE JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTING BISBEE'S BIRTH AND GROWTH ALONG WITH STUNNING HIGH ELEVATION  AND CROSS-BORDER VIEWS THAT ALSO INCLUDES ALL OF THE OLD BISBEE TOUR Street travel with elevation changes along with mild bumpiness on a primitive dirt road. A SAMPLE OF TOUR DETAILS 2.5 - 3 Hours Bisbee Architecture Featuring:​ Housing for America's protectors The community built for soldiers Structure built for civility​ The oldest operating ballpark in America The "Shining" hotel and much more..... Bisbee Mining History: Dump #1 Concentrator #2 Wooden flumes Reclamation at work Artificial mountain The deepest mine shaft and much more..... Surrounding Cities: Community built for WW2 soldiers First planned community in Arizona Minority housing Everything was made of Tin City named in slang No, it is not the last two letters of Mexico and Arizona .....and much more! High Elevation Scenic Views: Neighboring country Famous Apache's home mountain range The misspelled monument Bisbee's daughter city The hill producing shiny yellow minerals .....and much more! Geology, Flora, and Wildlife: Pitaycachi   Cous  Napales Couti's The rat that looks like a pig .....and much more! Historic Stories Denounce the union or it's off to NM you go The first  foreign, aerial bomber in American history Almost as old as dinosaurs Horse and The Gadsen The "41" still runs The workers couldn't pronounce his name He was struck by lightning here in 1972 A famous headstone His image is in the state seal .....and much more! Famous People He used to fight with another drunken celebrity He stole a lot of Army money A world-famous Mexican culture artist The president who fell off a horse He had a wife in every city He started "The Man Show" He once rode a moose He just won a settlement from his estranged ex He was an all-American quarterback and catcher She was married to "The Partridge Family" You could only see him from the nose, up .....and much more!

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