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    TOUR DETAILS​   Embark on a thrilling exploration with Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona, navigating through the historic and haunting landscapes of Cochise County's famed ghost towns. Visit Ghost Towns like Charleston, Fairbanks, Tombstone, Gleeson, Courtland, and Pearce, each whispering tales of bygone eras through their abandoned structures and silent streets. Whitewater Draw, a striking contrast, offers natural beauty and a winter spectacle of migrating sandhill cranes. Fort Naco invites you to step into the stories of soldiers and border conflicts, providing a rich, military history experience. Join us for an unforgettable journey through time, unraveling stories of prosperity, decline, nature, and historical conflicts across diverse Arizona landscapes!


    TOUR DETAILS​   Our Juniper Flats Tour is our mountaintop, offroad-only tour. It’s bumpy and travels almost entirely on a primitive dirt road and over pink rocks. The Juniper Flats Tour is for guests who love vast, mesmerizing, high-altitude views with Bisbee 2000 feet below the mountaintop. You’ll pass Mosquito Lake and Crocodile Rock on the way to Juniper Flats Rock. You’ll exit the Big Jeep and walk 40 yards over mild pink boulders to the best view in the Mule Mountains at 7005 feet elevation. You might also get to see some of our native wildlife like deer, coatis, or rattlesnakes! The Juniper Flats Tour has one planned stop and exit for photo opportunities: Juniper Flats Rock.   All tours will make multiple photo and pit stops per guest request at all times.


    THE GRANDADDY-OF-THEM-ALL THAT INCLUDES ALL OTHER SIGNATURE TOURS COMBINED 5 Hours Bring Refreshments Pavement and Offroad The Colossal Tour starts by traveling around the open mine pits to Lowell AZ, which had nearly 6000 residents in its heyday. Most of the residential homes were moved to make way for open pit mining in the 1950s. Erie Street (Lowell's Main St.), however, is still intact and preserved with antique vehicles and storefronts. Lowell is home to the Shady Dell and the Evergreen Cemetery. After Lowell AZ, the Colossal Tour heads to Galena, and the houses built for the soldiers who came to help with copper mining. There's also a stop and magnificent view of the Campbell Mine Shaft with its leaching pond, hoist barrels and railcar loading boxes. Naco AZ is the southernmost suburb along the Colossal Tour and is next to the US/Mexico border. Do you know where the name "Naco" came from? We will stop about 50' from the border wall, where Nancy and Ronald Reagan used to have cocktails before visiting their friend in Naco Mexico. Warren AZ sits in the "foothills" section of the Bisbee area and is the next stop on the Colossal Tour. Warren Arizona, named after George Warren, started in 1906 and some of its interesting architecture include the Warren Ballpark, the Calumet & Arizona Hospital, the Walter Douglas House, and many more sites of intrigue.  From Warren AZ, the Colossal Tour travels up the mountain to Juniper Flats. Juniper Flats overlooks Tombstone Canyon, the Sulphur Springs Valley, Southern Cochise County, and Mexico from its 7005-foot perch. Getting there is a fun, primitive dirt road experience full of awe-inspiring views in the middle of scrub Oak, Manzanita, Juniper, and Pine foliage. Local wildlife encountered at Juniper Flats during our tours has been Javelina, White-Tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Coati, Gopher Snakes, BlackTail Rattlesnakes, Turkey Vultures, and Green Mohave Rattlesnakes. ​ The Colossal Tour finishes in Old Bisbee, previously known as the Warren Mining District. It's where the community and the copper mines started and is home to unique architecture framed within canyon walls that supported the largest city between the Mississippi River and San Francisco. Places like the Red-light District, Brewery Gulch, and the "Hanging Tree" are part of numerous historic sites to learn about and visit along with famous people like John Wayne and Ted DeGrazia. 

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    FAMOUS BISBEE CELEBRITIES: STARS AMONG THE MINES AND ECHOES OF HISTORY Bisbee, Arizona, with its rich history and cultural tapestry, has been a beacon for a diverse array of famous personalities. From legendary figures of the Wild West to Hollywood celebrities, political icons, and pioneering business minds, Bisbee's unique charm has attracted many famous Bisbee celebrities. This exploration into the town's storied past reveals a fascinating tapestry of famous figures who have left their mark. GERONIMO - A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN BISBEE'S PAST Geronimo, the renowned Apache leader, holds a significant place in the history of the American Southwest, particularly around the Bisbee area. His resistance against U.S. and Mexican forces in the late 19th century is a crucial part of the region's history, adding a layer of historical depth and complexity to Bisbee's past. DOUG STANHOPE AND JOHNNY DEPP - AN UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP IN BISBEE Comedian Doug Stanhope, known for his bold humor, has made Bisbee his home, attracting friends like Johnny Depp. Depp, a regular visitor, has become something of a local, known by residents of Warren, AZ, on a first-name basis. This friendship highlights Bisbee's appeal as a retreat for those in the limelight. JOHN WAYNE - A LEGACY IN THE COPPER QUEEN HOTEL The legendary actor John Wayne's connection to Bisbee goes beyond mere visits. The Copper Queen Hotel boasts a room named in his honor, a testament to his frequent stays. He was known to sleep off his hangovers in the OK Street jail, adding a touch of Old Hollywood to Bisbee's charm. EARL HINDMAN - BISBEE'S OWN TV NEIGHBOR Earl Hindman, best known for his role in "Home Improvement," has roots that run deep in Bisbee. Born in Jiggerville, an area now known for its open pits, Hindman grew up in Bisbee, tying his TV fame directly to this Arizonan town. HARRY HOUDINI - MAGICAL PERFORMANCES IN BISBEE The great magician Harry Houdini once performed in the Orpheum Theater, which stood where Goar Park is located today. Houdini's presence in Bisbee's history adds a layer of enchantment and wonder to its cultural tapestry. JAKE LAMOTTA - THE BOXING LEGEND'S RETREAT Jake LaMotta, the inspiration behind "Raging Bull," didn't just visit Bisbee; he owned a vacation home here. His frequent interactions with local businesses and residents brought a touch of sporting fame to the streets of Bisbee. STEVE MCQUEEN AND DAN BLOCKER - RACING THROUGH BISBEE'S STREETS Hollywood icons Steve McQueen and Dan Blocker brought thrill and excitement to Bisbee with their participation in a street race up Old Divide Road to the top of the tunnel. Their adventurous spirits are forever etched in the town’s lore. TED DEGRAZIA - ARTISTIC TIES AND FAMILY CONNECTIONS Artist Ted DeGrazia's bond with Bisbee is more than artistic. He married the daughter of the owner of the Lyric Theater and managed it for ten years, blending his artistic legacy with a personal connection to Bisbee's cultural landmarks. DEL WEBB - PIONEERING THE PD MERCANTILE BUILDING Del Webb, a notable figure in American business and construction, also has a connection to Bisbee. His first commercial project was the PD Mercantile Building, marking the beginning of his illustrious career in development and construction. This building stands as a testament to Webb's early work and contribution to Bisbee's architectural landscape. RONALD AND NANCY REAGAN - A PRESIDENTIAL VISIT Ronald and Nancy Reagan, the renowned presidential couple, also left their mark on Bisbee. They visited the Gay 90s Bar during a trip to see a friend in Naco, Sonora, adding a political footnote to Bisbee's diverse historical narrative. CONCLUSION Bisbee, Arizona, might be small in size, but its history is rich and diverse, painted by the visits and lives of these notable figures. From the legendary Geronimo to the business acumen of Del Webb, each personality has contributed to the rich mosaic that is Bisbee, making it not just a historical site but a living, breathing testament to American culture and history.


    Early Life and Career of Dr. James Douglas In the annals of American mining history, Dr. James Douglas stands as a towering figure, often referred to as the "Father of Bisbee, Arizona." His impact on this small mining town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries transformed it into a significant hub in the copper mining industry. Born in Quebec, Canada, Dr. Douglas was a man of considerable intellect and ambition, holding a Ph.D. in science with a specialization in geology and metallurgy. His journey to Bisbee was marked by successes in various mining ventures across North America. His expertise lay not just in the extraction of minerals, but also in refining mining processes to maximize efficiency and output. Transformation of Bisbee Dr. Douglas arrived in Bisbee when it was still a nascent mining camp, brimming with untapped potential in its rich copper deposits. The town, with its rugged terrain and primitive mining practices, was ripe for transformation. Douglas’s vision and scientific acumen were instrumental in ushering in this change. One of Dr. Douglas's first significant contributions to Bisbee was the introduction of advanced smelting techniques. He revolutionized the way copper was extracted from ore, greatly enhancing the productivity and profitability of mining operations. But his vision for Bisbee extended far beyond the mines themselves. The Negotiator and the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company Dr. Douglas’s role as the "Father of Bisbee" was cemented by his extraordinary skills as a negotiator. He was pivotal in the consolidation of numerous small, disputing mining companies in the area. Through his strategic negotiations, he was able to amalgamate these entities into the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company, of which he became the leader. This consolidation not only brought stability to the mining sector in Bisbee but also positioned the Copper Queen as one of the most significant copper mines in Arizona. Under his stewardship, the Copper Queen Mine implemented cutting-edge mining techniques and stringent safety measures, setting new industry standards. His leadership in this area was a testament to his commitment to both progress and the welfare of his workers. Community Development and Challenges Beyond the realms of mining and business, Dr. Douglas’s influence extended to the very fabric of Bisbee itself. He was a driving force in the development of the town's infrastructure, advocating for and overseeing the construction of roads, railways, and public buildings. This development was crucial in integrating Bisbee with the rest of Arizona and the broader United States. Dr. Douglas also recognized the importance of community and the well-being of miners and their families. He championed better living conditions and facilities, fostering a sense of stability and community among the residents of Bisbee. However, his tenure was not without its challenges. The early 20th century was a time of significant labor unrest in the mining industry, and Bisbee was no exception. As the leader of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company, Dr. Douglas found himself at the center of these tensions, navigating the complex dynamics between the demands of the workers and the interests of the mining companies. Legacy of Dr. James Douglas In summary, Dr. James Douglas's legacy in Bisbee, Arizona, is profound and multifaceted. As the "Father of Bisbee," he was a visionary leader, a skilled negotiator, and a driving force behind the town's transformation from a remote mining camp to a pivotal center in the American copper mining industry. His contributions to mining technology, community development, and labor relations have left an indelible mark on Bisbee, encapsulating both the achievements and challenges of the era in which he lived.


    THE ROADRUNNER: BISBEE, ARIZONA'S FEATHERED ICON Bisbee, Arizona, a charming town tucked away in the Mule Mountains, is renowned not just for its rich mining history and vibrant arts scene but also as a haven for one of the most iconic and intriguing birds of the American Southwest: the Roadrunner. This unique bird, known for its quirky behavior and distinctive appearance, has become a symbol of the region’s natural beauty and is a common sight in and around Bisbee. Understanding the Roadrunner: A Bird Like No Other The Fascinating Biology of the Roadrunner The Roadrunner, or Geococcyx californianus, is a long-legged bird in the cuckoo family. Contrary to popular belief, while they can fly, they prefer running, reaching speeds up to 20 mph. This adaptation helps them hunt their prey, which includes insects, lizards, and small rodents. Their agility and speed are a marvel to witness and are key factors in their survival in the harsh desert environment. The Cultural Significance of the Roadrunner In Southwestern Native American cultures, the Roadrunner is often seen as a symbol of speed, intelligence, and courage. Its image has been used in various folklore and mythologies, representing everything from a trickster to a protector against evil spirits. In modern times, the Roadrunner has maintained its status as a cultural icon, featuring in cartoons and local art, symbolizing the playful spirit of the Southwest. Spotting the Roadrunner in Bisbee Prime Locations for Roadrunner Sightings The semi-arid climate and open landscapes around Bisbee are perfect habitats for the Roadrunner. These birds are often spotted in the residential areas of Bisbee, where they coexist surprisingly well with the human inhabitants. They can also be seen in more remote areas, where their natural camouflage and swift movements make them a thrilling challenge to spot for birdwatchers and nature photographers. Tips for Roadrunner Watching The best time to see Roadrunners is during the morning or late afternoon when they are most active. They are ground dwellers, so keep your eyes towards the ground along trails and open fields. Being patient and quiet improves your chances of seeing them, especially in less urbanized areas around Bisbee. The Roadrunner in Local Culture and Tourism A Feathered Attraction The Roadrunner's presence in Bisbee adds a unique charm to the town. Local businesses, from cafes to souvenir shops, often feature Roadrunner motifs. The bird's quirky character and speed have captured the imaginations of visitors and locals alike, making it a beloved feature of the town. Conservation and Education Bisbee's community, aware of the Roadrunner's importance to the region’s ecosystem and culture, takes steps to protect its habitat. Local educational programs and birdwatching groups often focus on the Roadrunner, aiming to raise awareness about conserving native wildlife and the unique desert ecosystem. A Visit to Bisbee: A Roadrunner Adventure Planning Your Trip When visiting Bisbee, keep an eye out for these fascinating birds. Stroll through the town’s historic streets or explore the surrounding nature trails where you might catch a glimpse of the Roadrunner going about its day. The experience of seeing a Roadrunner in its natural habitat is a delightful highlight of any visit to Bisbee. In conclusion, the Roadrunner is more than just a bird in Bisbee, Arizona; it's a symbol of the region's character and natural beauty. Its presence adds an extra layer of charm to this already enchanting town. Whether you’re a birdwatching enthusiast or a curious traveler, witnessing the Roadrunner in its native environment is a unique and memorable experience. So, pack your bags, bring your binoculars, and prepare for an exciting encounter with Bisbee's feathered icon, the Roadrunner.

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  • Big Jeep Tours | Bisbee ToursHOME

    CYBER SALES - UP TO 40% OFF VIEW OFFERS $ BISBEE TOURS FAQ CONTACT BLOG BIG JEEP TOURS BISBEE, ARIZONA. EXPLORE OUR JEEP TOURS HERE SOME OF OUR BISBEE JEEP TOURS ATTRACTIONS COPPER QUEEN LIBRARY LOWELL AZ FORT NACO EVERGREEN CEMETERY C&A HOSPITAL JUNIPER FLATS LAVENDER PIT BISBEE MASSACRE MORE ATTRACTIONS..... BIG JEEP TOURS Offers GUEST-CHOICE Pickup and Dropoff FEATURES AFFORDABLE REFUND GAURANTEE PAWSOME TOUR GUIDE SAVANT KIDS ARE FREE ONLY PRIVATE TOURS CLIMATE CONTROLLED JEEP BIG JEEP TOURS FAQ'S BIG JEEP TOURS Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona, offers guided jeep excursions through historical and scenic areas, led by a knowledgeable local guide who shares childhood st ories about Bisbee. Participants enjoy comfortable rides in a 4-door Big Jeep Wrangler, exploring Bisbee's mining history, and enjoying panoramic views. TOUR OCCUPANCY Big Jeep Tours offers intimate, personalized experiences with tours in a four-passenger Sport Utility Vehicle. This approach ensures comfort and a deeper connection with Bisbee's landscapes, focusing on providing unforgettable journeys in an exclusive setting. WHAT TO WEAR Please bring comfortable clothing to match the weather outside. While the Big Jeep is covered and climate-controlled, we want our guests comfortable outside during the many photo opportunities. WHAT TO BRING Please bring any refreshments you'll need. Food and drinks are always allowed as well as ice chests. BAD WEATHER No worries. Since it's an enclosed environment, bad weather doesn't affect us during the tour. We will, however, skip the Juniper Flats mountaintop view in case of ice, floods, or frozen rocks. CANCELLATION POLICY​ You may cancel a reservation at any time. If you submitted a payment online and can't make the tour, I will happily refund your full amount. I will start processing refunds within 12 hours of a request.​ TOUR ATTRACTIONS ​ Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona, offers a blend of historical, scenic, adventurous, and cultural experiences. Explore Bisbee's mining history, desert landscapes, and off-road trails, and enjoy local ghost stories. Our tours span various themes including mining, events, bugs, and architecture, ensuring a comprehensive and memorable journey through Bisbee's rich heritage and natural beauty.​ ​ BIG JEEP TOURS LOYALTY LOYALTY PROGRAM THE BLOG FAMOUS BISBEE CELEBRITIES DR. JAMES DOUGLAS: THE FATHER OF BISBEE, ARIZONA ROADRUNNER

  • Galena

    GALENA GALENA MEANS "LEAD" Embark on a #Galena journey, where the echoes of the past meet the narratives of those who've lived it. Your guide, a local since birth, weaves a tapestry of personal history against the rugged backdrop of Bisbee, Arizona. This isn't just a tour; it's a journey through time, led by someone who called these winding paths and historic mines home. The Depths of History In the heart of Arizona, Galena stands as a proud relic of the mining boom, with its deep shafts and tales of toil and triumph. The Galena Mine Shaft, a staggering 1,407 feet deep, is a silent sentinel to the town's industrious past, while the Campbell Mine nearby plunges even further, to a depth of 3,334 feet💎. As your #BigJeepTour ventures through these storied landscapes, you'll be regaled with the history of these colossal mines, the people who worked them, and the community that thrived around them. A Community Uprooted and Replanted The town's rich tapestry extends to the homes that were once part of Jiggerville, the Mason Addition, and Upper Lowell, neighborhoods uprooted and relocated to make way for the mining industry's expansion. These homes, built in 1948 to house the hardworking miners from the Dallas Mine, now serve as historical bookmarks, telling stories of a community that was constantly reshaping itself in the face of an ever-changing industry. These homes are not the start of Galena, however. The first homes were built during WW2 to house the soldiers brought to Bisbee to work in the mines. Copper production dropped after the best miners were drafted to fight in the war and the soldiers were sent here to bail out the mines. The soldiers were terrible miners and many stayed in Bisbee after the war, becoming part of the community. A Guide's Tale: Life in Galena Your guide's narrative is a personal chronicle set against this historical backdrop. He'll recount tales of growing up in a modest sub-1000 square foot home, where space was a commodity that had to be shared with a family of towering individuals, all over 6'2". Despite the cramped quarters, the home was a haven of warmth and familial bonds, a place where even the walls seemed to resonate with stories of shared experiences and laughter. Adventures in the Orange Puddle The guide's childhood adventures are as much a part of Galena's history as the mines themselves. He'll share memories of sliding through the infamous orange puddle near the Campbell Mine, a vivid reminder of the mining's environmental footprint. The never-drying slick was a rite of passage for the local kids, a hazardous yet irresistible challenge. Storms and Stories Monsoon seasons brought their own drama, with lightning storms that were a spectacle to behold. Your guide will describe sitting in the living room, eyes wide with wonder, as lightning bolts struck the houses down the hill, illuminating the sky and the earth in a breathtaking display of nature's might. Slag Baseball: A Local Pastime Leisure time for the guide was spent exploring the surrounding hills, which served as a natural playground for a young, adventurous spirit. He'll recount how he and his friends would take baseball bats to the slag heaps, hitting pieces of the mining refuse over the tailings, each swing connecting the present with the past in a literal and figurative arc. The Pomegranate Tree and the Basketball Hoop The guide's old yard, with its pomegranate tree, became an oasis amidst the arid landscape. He'll reminisce about plucking the ripe fruits in between basketball practice, the sweet, tart taste a vivid memory that he shares with visitors. The basketball hoop, still perched above the garage arch, and the neighbor's fence extension—erected to protect a garden from errant basketballs—stand as monuments to a childhood filled with simple joys and the community's interconnectedness. Galena Today: A Living History As the tour winds through Galena, you'll not only see the town through the eyes of a visitor but through the heart of someone who has lived its history. Each story from your guide adds a layer of intimacy and authenticity to the experience, transforming the landscape into a living narrative. The Social Fabric of a Mining Town The tour will also delve into the social fabric of Galena, exploring how the town's identity was shaped by the collective experiences of its residents. You'll hear about the local traditions, the celebrations, and the challenges faced by a community built on the foundation of mining. The guide's personal anecdotes will provide a human perspective on the economic booms and busts, the cultural shifts, and the environmental impacts that have defined the town's evolution. Join the Legacy By the end of your #BigJeepTour, you'll have traversed more than just the physical terrain of Galena; you'll have journeyed through the personal history of your guide, the collective memory of the town, and the very soul of Bisbee. This is not just a trip; it's an immersive experience that will leave you with a profound connection to this unique corner of the world. So come, join us on this grand adventure. Book your tour today and be ready to be transported not just across the rugged landscapes of Arizona but through the annals of time and memory. Discover the hidden gem that is Galena, and let its charm, history, and the stories of its people envelop you in an experience that you will treasure forever🌟. Tours That Visit - Galena Copper Territory Tour Book Now 12 City Tour Book Now Photo Gallery of Galena RECENT BLOG POSTS DR. JAMES DOUGLAS: THE FATHER OF BISBEE, ARIZONA 23 hours ago ROADRUNNER 6 days ago MULE MOUNTAINS Dec 1

  • Juniper Flats

    JUNIPER FLATS JUNIPER FLATS: A HIDDEN GEM IN THE MULE MOUNTAINS Introduction to Juniper Flats Nestled in the heart of the Mule Mountains in Bisbee, Arizona, Juniper Flats stands as a testament to the serene beauty and raw wilderness of the American Southwest. This picturesque destination, accessible via a 4.75-mile off-road journey starting from the Mule Pass Tunnel , offers visitors an escape into a world where nature's artistry is on full display. The Journey to Juniper Flats The path to Juniper Flats is as captivating as the destination itself. Travelers are treated to a visual feast of granite cliffs and a striking microwave communication tower, hinting at the blend of natural beauty and human ingenuity that characterizes the area. The route's elevation ensures a cooler climate, often 10 degrees lower than the surrounding regions, and may surprise visitors with lingering snow patches well into the spring months. Wildlife of Juniper Flats A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, Juniper Flats boasts a rich tapestry of fauna. The Coatimundi , a resourceful omnivore, roams these lands, skillfully balancing its role amidst predators and prey. The area also plays host to a myriad of other species, including pumas , foxes, ocelots , black bears , rattlesnakes, bobcats , and various raptors, making it a thrilling spot for wildlife spotting. The Century Plant : A Natural Marvel Amidst the rugged landscape, the century plant stands as a symbol of resilience and beauty. With a lifespan ranging from 10 to 30 years, these plants captivate onlookers with their spectacular yellow blooms that signal the end of their life cycle. Local artisans have found innovative uses for the plant's fibers, crafting items like nets, clothing, and employing the intricate piteado technique. Panoramic Vistas and Historic Insights Juniper Flats isn't just about natural beauty; it's a vantage point for breathtaking panoramic views. Visitors can gaze over southern Cochise County, Arizona, and the majestic Mexican mountain ranges. The presence of microwave towers offers unique views of Sonora, Mexico, and Douglas, Arizona, while the nearby Bisbee mines and Phelps Dodge leaching copper ponds narrate the region's rich mining history. The Green Mohave Rattlesnake: A Cautionary Presence Inhabiting the area are Green Mohave Rattlesnakes , known for their potent venom. These snakes are commonly found under mesquite trees, Pinon Pine bushes, Manzanita plants, or sunning on the pink granite rocks, serving as a reminder of the wild nature of Juniper Flats. Conclusion: An Adventure Awaits Juniper Flats is more than just a destination; it's an experience. It beckons off-road enthusiasts, nature lovers, and history aficionados to delve into its myriad offerings. From its diverse terrain and wildlife to its stunning views and historical significance, Juniper Flats is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the unique beauty of the American Southwest with Bisbee Tours. Tours That Visit - Juniper Flats Copper Territory Tour Book Now Miners Peak Tour Book Now Juniper Flats Tour Book Now RECENT BLOG POSTS DR. JAMES DOUGLAS: THE FATHER OF BISBEE, ARIZONA 23 hours ago ROADRUNNER 6 days ago MULE MOUNTAINS Dec 1

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