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John C Greenway is a famous American who spent time with the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company in Bisbee AZ and helped shape mining results in the copper mining area.

Greenway was born on the 6th of July in 1872 in Huntsville, Alabama, and came from a family of notable Americans like William CampbellIsaac ShelbySamuel McDowellEphraim McDowell, and Addison White.

John C Greenway attended Yale University where he earned All-American Catcher and Quarterback honors. In fact, the Yale football team from 1892 to 1895 went a combined 52–1–2 and were national champions four years in a row.

After graduating from Yale in 1895, Greenway started working for Steel companies until the Spanish War broke out and Greenway left to join the Roughriders, led by Theodore Roosevelt. On the charge up San Juan Hill, immortalized by Teddy Roosevelt, Greenway was the second man over the top and was cited for his bravery. By the time the short conflict was over, he had been promoted to First Lieutenant.

Greenway was recruited by the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company (C&A) in Bisbee AZ and helped develop the most efficient and productive operation in area copper mining history. The C&A quickly purchased all mines south of Phelps Dodge (PD) and stopped PD's expansion.

The C&A under Greenway's leadership is responsible for the development and successful mining operations at the Junction Mine, the Hoatson Mine, the Denn Mine, and the Campbell Mine as well as the development of the City Beautiful Plan for Warren AZ.