George Warren - C. S. Fly, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona State Seal

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George Warren

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  • The lovable scoundrel who started Bisbee.

  • Directed to the area and its mining potential by Jack Dunn at Ft. Bowie.

  • Betrayed Jack Dunn and colleagues by not grubstaking the area for them. Spent the grubstake money on booze 

  • Instead, started the mining camps in the Bisbee area for himself.

  • His name was involved in most mining claims as the area developed and the area became known as the Warren Mining District.

  • Apaches killed his father when he was a child and captured him.

  • Lived with the Apaches for 18 months before other prospectors noticed him and paid 15 pounds of sugar to get him back.

  • He learned the mining trade from these prospectors.

  • Lost his share of what became the Copper Queen Mine on a drunken bet that he could out-race a horse.

  • Today's value of his lost share and bet equals around $20 million dollars.

  • His shares in the other claims were sold at auction after his friends declared him insane.

  • He went to Mexico looking for another mining claim but sold himself for peonage as a translator for a Mexican Judge.

  • Bisbee Judge G. H. Berry heard of George's plight and paid his debt, bringing him back to Bisbee.

  • After he returned, he worked sweeping and cleaning bars for booze. 

  • He died penniless on February 13th, 1893 at the age of 42 and was buried in a pauper’s grave.

  • He was forgotten for several years until 1914 the Elk’s Lodge in Bisbee moved his body to a more prominent location and erected a monument to honor him.

  • His monument is located today in the Evergreen Cemetary in Lowell.

  • Arizona's first planned community and Bisbee suburb, Warren, is named after him.

  • His picture was taken in 1880 by Tombstone photographer C.S. Fly, who used to visit the town with his camera on payday.

  • William Brophy saw the photo in the Bank of Bisbee and decided to put it on the Arizona State Seal..

Unknown, published by S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

George Warren.jpg

George Warren Headstone - Evergreen Cemetary - Bisbee