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The Evergreen Cemetery is located in Warren AZ and was established in 1892. The first Bisbee AZ cemetery, Old City Park Cemetery in Brewery Gulch, was moved in 1914 due to monsoon rains washing out the buried folks and contaminating water sources downstream from flooding with typhoid fever and other calamities.

By order of the Common Council of Bisbee in 1914, the transfer of the residents from the old cemetery to Evergreen began. Today, there are over 14,000 burials in the cemetery.

Lowell School and its solid copper entrance doors can be seen from the Evergreen Cemetery in Lowell AZ.

sold copper doors and large spruce trees  visible at lowell school past the old morgue and a row of large cypress trees

The cemetery is full of ancient history with unreadable headstones and some unmarked graves that reveal Bisbee's place in American Western History.