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Early Bird Tour

Brewery Gulch, School Hill, Main Street, Quality Hill, Tombstone Canyon, The Divide

The Early Bird Tour is the same as the Old Bisbee Tour but discounted for you early coffee drinkers!

Starting near the Copper Queen Library, the Early Bird Tour jumps right into Bisbee’s history by passing the location of Bisbee’s first prominent mine.


From there and the old rock quarry next to it, you’ll circle past one of Bisbee’s three open pits. Yes, there’s the Lavender Pit + 2.

You’ll whip back towards Old Bisbee and catch a glance of relocated communities, more prominent mines, and the only location that produced one of the community's more recent, prized minerals.

Enjoy a short drive past historic sites that dive into Bisbee’s rich history. Then it’s time to hold on tight as the Big Jeep tackles one of Bisbee’s iconic, narrow, and historic roads. Unbelievably, the narrow road is two-lanes but can barely hold one vehicle.


More rich history awaits as we ascend into School Hill and enjoy its past treasures. One location can offer ground level access to each of its four stories. Another’s pupils had to rush into the Copper Queen Mine to avoid Geronimo’s Apache attacks.

Then, its off to Main Street, its history, its treachery, it’s architecture, and the location of the start to Bisbee, AZ. You’ll learn where Jack Dunn first got the idea that minerals could be found in “them thar hills”. The site of the Bisbee Massacre is on Main Street which rivals the OK Corral story of Tombstone. Main street is also the finish of the famous July 4th coaster races - a 16-turn spectacle with only gravity as the driving force to the coaster’s momentum.

You’ll venture into Quality Hill, home to the wealthiest early settlers because of the “Quality” of the homes. It’s here that we’ll see the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral and County Courthouse. The County Courthouse was relocated here because Bisbee’s economy was booming through the Great Depression and Tombstone struggled.

The tour continues “up the canyon” as us locals say, passing more schools and up the original entry road into Bisbee. Photo Ops await you when we stop above The Divide. Sitting on top of the Mule Pass Tunnel, we can see the mountainous exit from the Mule Mountains and if we’re lucky with a clear day, you can see the Rincon Mountains next to Tucson, not to mention views above the Bisbee area.

After a final ride back “down the canyon”, you’ll arrive at the Old Bisbee Library. The only question remaining: when would you like to book the Copper City Territory Tour with Big Jeep Tours?