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a man hanging from a telegraph pole wearing a hat with other poeople looking at the photo taker


Big Jeep Tours invites you to step back in time and explore the fascinating history of Bisbee, Arizona. One of the most tragic events in the town's history occurred in 1883, when a group of robbers attempted to steal the miners' payroll from the safe at the Goldwater and Castaneda store on Main Street.

John Heath, the owner of a nearby dance hall, was the mastermind behind the robbery. He hired five thugs to break into the store and steal the payroll, which was kept in the safe because there was no bank in Bisbee at the time. However, the robbers were unable to find the payroll and instead resorted to robbing customers inside the store.

As the robbery dragged on, street-goers began to question why there were men guarding the store's entrance. A shootout broke out on the street in front of the store, which is now the Letson Loft Hotel. The robbers killed five people on the street, including a pregnant woman. Shockingly, John Heath remained in his dance hall the entire time.

In an attempt to mislead authorities, Heath formed the first posse to search for his own gang and let them escape. However, Bisbee officials caught on and eventually arrested Heath and his accomplices in different parts of the territory. Two trials followed at the Tombstone courthouse, resulting in the five thugs being sentenced to death by hanging, while Heath talked his way into a life sentence at the Yuma Penitentiary.

However, the people of Bisbee were not satisfied with Heath's sentence. When they heard the verdict, they formed another posse and hanged Heath on a telegraph pole on Toughnut Street near the Tombstone, Arizona courthouse. Today, the telegraph pole stump still stands with a plaque describing the tragic events of the Bisbee Massacre.

Join Big Jeep Tours to explore the rich history of Bisbee and discover the stories of the people who shaped this fascinating town. From the Bisbee Massacre to the town's mining heritage, there's something for everyone to discover on our tours. Book your tour today and step back in time to explore the past of this unique Arizona town.

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