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Bisbee Tours - Things To Do In Bisbee AZ - Bisbee Mine Tour - Bisbee History Tour


  • 1 Hour ​

  • $30 / person + tax  = $32.88

  • Pavement 

If you're looking for a shorter version of our Big Jeep Tours, no worries, we have a marvelous Arizona Jeep Tour full of history, sites, and stories for you to discover with the Bisbee Landmark Tour. After picking you up at a location of your choosing, this favorite things to do in Bisbee AZ includes the following sites:

Old Bisbee


Old Bisbee is the crown jewel of the Bisbee Jeep Tours area. It's where Bisbee started and possesses unique architecture framed within canyon walls that supported the largest city between the Mississippi River and San Francisco. Places like the Red-light District, Brewery Gulch, and the "Hanging Tree" are part of numerous historic sites to learn about and visit.

Besides others, you'll hear about John Wayne, Ted DeGrazia, and the real father of Bisbee - James Douglas. We'll travel narrow, edge-of-dropoff streets that are two-way and one lane wide. Many events happened in the area's development and history. Did you know John Heath organized the first posse looking for his own murderous gang? He was a cheeky fellow who met his demise on a telegraph pole outside the Tombstone Courthouse.

Once the Bisbee Landmark Tour finishes and you're chock-full of local history from the in-town version of our Bisbee tours, the Big Jeep happily and gratefully delivers you to any dropoff location of your choosing.