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Harris's Hawk

Witness the Wonders of the Wild - Arizona's Sky-Dancing Harris's Hawks and More with Big Jeep Tours!

Harris's Hawk

🎉 **Big Jeep Tours in Bisbee, Arizona!** 🎉

🚙🌵 We're thrilled to offer you an exhilarating opportunity to connect with Arizona's vibrant wildlife. One of our tour's unique attractions is the mesmerizing sight of the Harris's Hawk, a bird of prey that calls the Arizona desert home. 🦅🌞

**Harris's Hawk, an Arizona Native** 👇

✅ The Harris's Hawk is a medium-sized bird of prey that is recognized by its distinct dark brown to black color, with chestnut shoulders and leg feathers, along with a white base of tail feathers. 🦅

✅ Fascinatingly, this bird exhibits a unique behavior known as "back-stacking," where several hawks will stack atop one another on a perch - a behavior that you might have the chance to see on our tour! 🦅🦅🦅

✅ Unlike most solitary raptors, the Harris's Hawk lives and hunts in cooperative groups, showcasing nature's team spirit right in front of your eyes! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

✅ Its soaring flight, interspersed with few wingbeats, is a sight to behold against the vast Arizona skies. Enjoy this spectacle while comfortably seated in our open-air jeeps. 🚙💨🌅

✅ As a part of our eco-friendly practices, we maintain respectful distances and do not disturb the natural habitats. But don't worry, with our high-quality binoculars, you won't miss a thing! 🔭💚

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Remember, nature is full of surprises, and you never know what you might encounter on a Big Jeep Tour. So grab your camera 📸, hop in, and let us take you on a thrilling journey into the heart of Arizona's wildlife. 🚙💨🌵🦅

For inquiries and bookings, please visit our website or call us directly. We can't wait to share the beauty of the Arizona desert with you! 🙌

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