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Welcome to Lowell, Arizona, your key stop on our Bisbee Tours. Lowell is a historic mining hub located just 1.27 miles away from Old Bisbee. Founded in 1899 by Frank Hanchett, the town was named after Lowell, Massachusetts and had its beginnings in copper mining. It was later owned by the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company, a subsidiary of Phelps Dodge in New York City.

A Journey Back in Time

Stepping into Lowell feels like traveling back in time to 1904. You can spot vintage cars and storefronts that are remnants of the copper era. It's fascinating to imagine the bustling population of 6,000 residents that once made Lowell rival San Francisco in size.

Historical Highlights of Lowell

There are several historical highlights in Lowell. One of them is the infamous Bisbee Deportation of 1917, which traveled through this town. Another notable feature is the Lowell Mine, which closed in 1926 but still stands tall as the Warren Mine Shaft.

Unique Attractions in Lowell

When visiting Lowell, don't miss the Evergreen Cemetery, which is home to unique historic headstones and the grave of George Warren. Next to the cemetery is The Shady Dell, a vintage hotel experience where you can stay in Air Buses converted into rooms. It's a unique and charming accommodation option.

The Legacy of Mining in Lowell

Just a stone's throw away from Lowell, you can gaze at the abandoned copper ore leaching ponds of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, located across Erie Street. This sight adds to the intriguing history of the area.

Exploring More Mining Sites

There are more mining sites to explore near Lowell. The Irish Mag Mine, named after a woman from the red-light district called Brewery Gulch, has an interesting story. Its owner, James Daly, was not welcoming to visitors and even shot dead Constable WW Lowther. The mine was later bought by the Lake Superior and Western Development Company, and then by the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company. Other mining sites in the area include the Oliver Mine Shaft (1903), Gardner Mine, and the Hoatson Mine Shaft, which reaches a depth of 1,680 feet.

Conclusion: A Historical Haven

If you're interested in diving into history, Lowell, Arizona is the place to be. Every corner of this town has a story to tell. Take a stroll on Erie Street to enjoy the vintage eye candy of classic cars and old storefronts. And be sure not to miss these fascinating spots during your Big Jeep Tour in this beautiful desert landscape.


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