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Lowell, AZ: Mining the Past - Unearth a Century of Copper Mining History and Vintage Americana on Your Next #BigJeepTour


📍Welcome to #BigJeepTours, Lowell, AZ! 🚙🏜️Your key stop on the #BisbeeTour. Explore this historic mining hub, just a skip (1.27 miles) away from Old Bisbee. 

• Founded in 1899 by Frank Hanchett, the town named after Lowell, MA got its start in copper mining 🏭.

• Later owned by the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company, a subsidiary of #PhelpsDodge in NYC 🏙️.

Stepping into Lowell is a time-travel to 1904:

• Spot vintage cars 🚗 and storefronts 🏪, remnants of the copper era.

• Imagine the bustling population of 6K residents that once made Lowell rival San Francisco! 🌁


• The infamous #BisbeeDeportation of 1917 traveled through here. 

• Lowell Mine, closed in 1926, still stands tall as the Warren Mine Shaft 🏞️.

Don't miss the #EvergreenCemetery 🪦:

• Home to unique historic headstones and the grave of George Warren.

• Neighboring The Shady Dell, a vintage hotel experience with Air Buses as rooms 🚌💤!

A stone's throw away, gaze at the abandoned copper ore leaching ponds of the Phelps Dodge Corp, across Erie St 🛤️. 

Intriguing history awaits:

• #IrishMagMine 🪨 named after a woman from the red-light district, Brewery Gulch. Owner James Daly wasn't one for visits – he shot dead Constable WW Lowther. Later, the mine was bought by the Lake Superior and Western Development Company, then the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company.

• The town hosted other mining sites like the Oliver Mine Shaft (1903), Gardner Mine, and the Hoatson Mine Shaft (1,680 FT deep) 🕳️.

🔎Dive into history at Lowell, AZ, where every corner is a story. Take a stroll on Erie St for vintage eye candy 🚙🏪, and don't miss these spots on your #BigJeepTour! 🚙🏜️🌵

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