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When it comes to the history of #Bisbee, Arizona, Lewis Williams is a name that cannot be overlooked. 🏜️ Williams arrived in the town in the 1880s as the superintendent of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company smelter operations, responsible for weighing the copper after smelting. However, his impact on the town was much more significant than just his job. 

- Williams was born into a prominent family and, along with his brother Ben, was an early investor in the start of #BisbeeMining. 💰 Williams was well-liked by the Mexican copper smelter workers, who bestowed upon him the nickname "Don Luis," which became the name of the vibrant neighborhood on Highway 92, south of Bisbee, Arizona. The Don Luis neighborhood still stands as a testament to Williams' influence on the community and is a place where families have lived for generations. 🏡

Today, visitors to #Bisbee, Arizona can learn more about the town's rich history by taking one of our tours, which offers a variety of experiences to explore the town's past. From historic mine tours to ghost tours and everything in between, there are plenty of #ThingstoDoinBisbee. However, for those interested in the legacy of Lewis Williams, a visit to the Don Luis neighborhood is a must.

Williams' impact on #BisbeeArizona extended beyond the mining industry. He and his brother were deeply loyal to James Douglas, the founder of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, and were considered some of his most trusted associates. Williams' legacy as a respected member of the community lives on today, over a century after his arrival in Bisbee, Arizona. 👥🏅

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