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Departs Bisbee, AZ


  • EXCLUSIVE - Closeup view of the Campbell Mine

  • MILD - Pavement-only tour through Old Bisbee, Lowell, and Warren

  • CONVENIENT- Guest-preferred pickup and dropoff location

  • VIEWS- Stunning open pit views from Lowell and High Road

  • MINING WONDERS - See open pits, mine shafts, and leaching ponds

  • HISTORY - See the Bisbee Deportation holding pen and rail bed

  • TWO STOPS- Lavender Pit, High Road


$55 / Guest +tax
Capacity 1 - 4 Guests

After your chosen location pickup, the Artery Tour visits Lowell AZ, which had nearly 6000 residents in its heyday and is the community closest to Old Bisbee. Most of the residential homes were moved to make way for open pit mining in the 1950s. Erie Street (Lowell's Main St.), however, is still intact and preserved with antique vehicles and storefronts. Lowell is home to the open mine pits, the Shady Dell, and the Evergreen Cemetery.

Warren AZ sits in the "foothills" section of the Bisbee area and is also part of the Artery Tour. Warren Arizona, named after George Warren, started in 1906 and some of its interesting architecture includes the Warren Ballpark, the Calumet & Arizona Hospital, the Campbell Mine Shaft (deepest in the area), the Walter Douglas House, and many more sites of intrigue. Warren is also where the "Black Sox" found a home, is the gathering place of the Bisbee Deportation and has a Greenway House that Teddy Roosevelt liked to visit. Besides Teddy Roosevelt, Warren AZ has had famous residents and visitors like Billy Martin, Johnny Depp, and Jim Thorpe.

Old Bisbee, previously known as the Warren Mining District is the final area explored during the Artery Tour. Old Bisbee is where the striking miners were rousted out of bed in the early morning hours. It's also where the community and the copper mines started and is home to unique architecture framed within canyon walls that supported the largest city between the Mississippi River and San Francisco. Places like the Red-light District, Brewery Gulch, and the "Hanging Tree" are part of numerous historic sites to learn about and visit along with famous people like John Wayne and Ted DeGrazia. 



  • Mild adventure tour traversing narrow and hilly streets

  • Walking on even pavement and concrete

  • Recommended for guests who prefer a mild experience

  • Recommended for guests who love history

  • Guests with limited mobility can access all of the viewpoints


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