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Stock Exchange Saloon

Stock Exchange Saloon

Discover Bisbee and its captivating heritage by stepping into history at the Stock Exchange Saloon. This vibrant establishment, prominently situated in Bisbee, Arizona, is imbued with a rich tapestry of intriguing stories that chronicle the evolution of this charismatic mining town.

Constructed in the year 1905 by the illustrious businessman and property developer, Joseph Muheim, the building is steeped in the Muheim legacy. The edifice, widely known as the Muheim Block, stands as a testament to a bygone era, its walls echoing with narratives from the past.

Muheim's original "Brewery" was housed within this historic landmark. It was here that he served his signature brew to the hardworking copper miners who formed the backbone of the town's thriving industry. This gave birth to an era fondly remembered as the "Brewery Days."

Over time, the property saw considerable expansion. Its sprawling footprint now encompasses the area of lower Brewery Gulch and extends up to the parking space in front of the modern-day St Elmo Bar. This marked the exciting "Expansion Era" in the building's history.

For nine golden years, the establishment thrived as the Brewery Saloon, quenching the thirst of miners and meeting their recreational needs. It was during this period that a local miner introduced an unlikely patron into the saloon - a black bear cub. The bear quickly became a constant attraction, its antics adding a unique charm to the establishment.

This boozy bear was known to enjoy its time at the bar, often drinking alongside its miner friends. Their camaraderie added a fascinating element to the everyday life of the saloon. However, the frequent miner brawls and pushing contests, especially with the bear involved, raised concerns about the safety of the patrons. Tragically, the bear met an untimely end when it fell from a tree branch behind the bar while under the influence, leaving behind a saga of "Bear Tales."

The introduction of Prohibition in 1914 marked a significant turning point for the Brewery Saloon. It transformed into the Stock Exchange Saloon to adapt to the changing times. A brokerage firm, Duey and Overlock, relocated to the main floor of the establishment, marking the inception of the Stock Exchange Saloon era.

One of the most distinct features was the north bar wall that was converted into a stock board. It received ticker tape from E.F. Hutton, and stories about this unique wall became a part of local lore, fondly remembered as "Stock Board Stories."

Today, the Stock Exchange Saloon still stands tall, paying homage to its glorious past. Its most iconic feature, the preserved stock board, is encased behind glass for patrons to admire. A visit to this extraordinary saloon offers a chance to uncover the vibrant history and myriad personalities that have shaped Bisbee over the years.

The Stock Exchange Saloon is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and those in search of a unique experience. Now under new ownership, the establishment is ready to welcome you with open arms, promising to create lasting memories of your visit. Your journey through Bisbee's fascinating history awaits, etched in the timeless tales of the Stock Exchange Saloon.

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