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Stock Exchange Saloon

Uncover the Tales of the Stock Exchange Saloon: Step into History in Bisbee, Arizona!

Stock Exchange Saloon

- 🏛️ Discover the rich heritage of Bisbee, Arizona at the historically vibrant Stock Exchange Saloon. #StepIntoHistory

- Constructed in the year 1905 by the noteworthy businessman and property developer, Joseph Muheim. #MuheimLegacy

- Famously known as the Muheim Block, this landmark edifice is a treasure trove of intriguing tales. #HistoricLandmark

- 🍻 The original "Brewery" was located here where Muheim served his special brew to the hardworking copper miners. #BreweryDays

- Over the years, the property expanded, now covering the area of lower Brewery Gulch and the parking space in front of the present-day St Elmo Bar. #ExpansionEra

- For a span of nine golden years, it was the Brewery Saloon, fulfilling the thirst and needs of miners. #BrewerySaloon

- A local miner once introduced a black bear cub into the saloon which ended up as a constant attraction. #BearAtTheBar 🐻

- 🐻🍻 The bear was known to enjoy its time at the bar, often drinking alongside its miner friends. #BearBuddies

- Miner brawls, inclusive of pushing contests, raised questions about the safety of patrons. #BarBrawlBear

- Tragically, the boozy bear met its untimely end by falling from a tree branch behind the bar while intoxicated. 🌳😢 #BearTales

- Prohibition in 1914 prompted the transformation of the Brewery Saloon into the Stock Exchange Saloon. #ProhibitionDays

- A brokerage firm, Duey and Overlock, moved to the main floor of the establishment. #StockExchangeSaloon

- The north bar wall was modified into a stock board, receiving ticker tape from E.F. Hutton. #StockBoardStories

- Today, the building still stands tall as the Stock Exchange Saloon, featuring the preserved stock board encased behind glass. #PreservedStockBoard

- Visit the Stock Exchange Saloon to uncover the vibrant history and myriad personalities of Bisbee. #HistoryUncovered 🕰️

- Highly recommended for history enthusiasts and those in search of a one-of-a-kind experience. 🌟 #UniqueExperience

- Now under new ownership, the Stock Exchange Saloon is ready to welcome you and help create lasting memories. 🏛️🤝💫 #NewBeginnings

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