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A Journey Through Time: The History of the Naco Border Station

The Naco Border Stationor Port of Entry starts your journey into the compelling history and culture of Bisbee, Arizona. Established in 1902 by the U.S. Congress, this border station is not just a functional facility; it's a treasure trove of stories and architectural marvels. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the station has been a cornerstone of U.S.-Mexico relations for over a century.

The Original Vision and Its Evolution

The station was initially built as part of a $165 million initiative funded by the Public Buildings Act of 1926. Designed to accommodate the burgeoning automobile era, it was a forward-thinking vision that has stood the test of time. Over the years, the station has undergone several transformations, including a significant renovation in 1994, but it has always retained its original charm and purpose.

The Architectural Tapestry: Pueblo Revival Meets Functionality

The Naco Border Station entrances you with its Pueblo Revival style, a testament to the creative genius of architects Louis A. Simon and Neal A. Melick. The building features flat roofs, rounded walls, and traditional water spouts or 'canales,' which add a unique flair to its design. The porte cochere at the front and the rough-hewn decorative ladder are elements that set it apart from other border stations.

A Living Museum: Services and Operations

Operational from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily, the station offers 24/7 passenger processing and cargo processing during weekdays. It's not just a building; it's a living, breathing entity that caters to the needs of international travelers and locals alike.

Why Naco Border Station Should Be on Your Bisbee Bucket List

The Naco Border Station is more than just a crossing point; it's a symbol of enduring ties between the United States and Mexico. As you explore Bisbee and its neighboring regions, this station offers you a fascinating glimpse into the past and a compelling reason to delve deeper into the cultural tapestry of the area.

Trust the Officials: A Secure and Efficient Experience

The station is managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, ensuring a secure and efficient crossing experience. Whether you're an American, Mexican, or an international traveler, you can trust the station to provide top-notch services.


  • Is there a border crossing in Naco? Yes, the Naco Border Station serves as a legal port of entry between the United States and Mexico.

  • What state is Naco Mexico in? Naco is located in the Mexican state of Sonora.

  • What are the ports of entry in Mexico? There are multiple ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border, including Naco, San Ysidro, and El Paso.

  • Can you enter Mexico from Arizona? Yes, you can legally enter Mexico from Arizona through ports of entry like Naco.



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